Clicktale named Adobe Marketing Cloud innovation partner of the year

This year, at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, we hit the jackpot. But it was not Lady Luck that led Adobe to name Clicktale as their “Most Innovative Partner” for 2015, but rather the impressive depth and breadth of our integrations with Adobe products, and the winning stories of Clicktale-Adobe customer success.

In his remarks about the selection of Clicktale as winner of the Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Partner of the Year award John Mellor, VP, Strategy, Alliances, and Marketing at Adobe, cited Clicktale’s “unique technology that visualizes the customer journey, helping marketers quite literally see how they can positively change the digital experiences of their customers.”

Dr. Tal Schwartz, Clicktale founder and CEO (center) accepts Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Partner of the Year Award from Abhay Parasnis, Chief Technology Officer, Adobe (left) and0Matt Thompson, EVP, Worldwide Field Operations of Adobe(right)

As Clicktale customers themselves, Adobe has experienced first-hand the benefits of visualizing customer struggles and experience issues. And like many of our shared clients, they’ve enjoyed impressive results across their website and mobile channels.

Factors that tipped the scales in Clicktale’s favor include the ongoing evolution of our platform to provide greater value across web, mobile and app touchpoints, and our deep, bi-directional integrations with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager. The many Fortune 500 companies that are both Adobe and Clicktale customers leverage our tight integrations to analyze underperforming segments, fix leaky conversion funnels, and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value, to name just a few examples.

It was particularly exciting to receive this award at Adobe Summit, in the company of so many of our long-standing customers, who actively leverage our Adobe integrations to see actual customer behaviors, and understand the needs and intent that underlie their analytics data.

Finally, I’d like to just share just a few of the customer success stories that wowed the judges and led to Clicktale being named as Innovation Partner of the Year:

  • Following a home page redesign that netted a 4% lift in conversions, wanted to know why the new design won. Using Clicktale, they compared behavioral response across Adobe Analytics-defined purchaser and non-purchaser segments to assess content impact. Surprisingly, purchasers interacted heavily with content that appeared at the very end of the page, leading to test further changes for additional lift.
  • Hello bank! observed that an unexpected proportion of visitors who clicked from the offering page to the prepaid credit card product interacted with the small CTA near the page footer, rather than the similar CTA in the large, eye-catching page header. Clicktale showed that visitors attentively read the offering details near the page-bottom CTA, leading Hello bank! to add more detail to descriptions throughout the offering page. The result? A four-fold increase in customer engagement.
  • Using Adobe Analytics, TELUS analysts track conversions for campaign landing pages and product bundles. Clicktale tells them which specific offers within landing pages attract most user attention and interaction, enabling TELUS to choose the right combination of options to present to best engage customers.

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