Clicktale made the Tealium Digital 100

It is always a great day around the Clicktale offices when we receive recognition for what we do; and making it onto  the inaugural Tealium Digital 100, a new index that reflects the most deployed digital marketing solutions on enterprise websites, is one of those days.

Early last week, we were pleasantly surprised when Tealium announced that we were included in their inaugural launch of the Digital 100, which shows the most deployed digital marketing solutions for enterprise websites. The index reflects what digital marketers are actually using to drive results versus what they say they are using, and can be used by marketers as a starting point for understanding top vendors in the digital-marketing landscape. Tealium collected this information by looking at the vendor tags that are deployed by their 300+ clients, representing thousands of websites worldwide.

Analytics, which is key to measuring and optimizing digital performance, ranked as the second most populous category with 17 vendors. This includes traditional analytics solutions such as Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst, as well as new vendors for revenue attribution, in-page analytics, and customer experience measurement. Optimization/personalization vendors represented a substantial portion of the Tealium Digital 100 landscape with 12 vendors in the category. This shows enterprises are getting more sophisticated in supplying online visitors with personalized content and products, as well as testing different offers against each other.

“This data shows the dominant role that advertising technologies continue to play in generating online results. We see a highly diverse market, comprised of both traditional ad networks, as well as newer technologies such as retargeting solutions and demand-side platforms,” said Erik Bratt, Vice President of Marketing for Tealium. “The large number of online advertising vendors is a testament to the continuous innovation being made in this healthy category.”

It’s very gratifying when our work is acknowledged by industry analysts, publications and thought leaders. Our sincerest thanks to Tealium for including us in their Digital 100.

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