Clicktale joins Contentsquare to create new leader in digital experience

For more than ten years, Clicktale has been proud to lead the charge in experience analytics and behavioral insight. In this time, we have crafted a unique platform that goes far beyond traditional analytics, providing the world’s leading brands with unprecedented insights into both their customers’ purchase decisions and the human behaviors that drive those decisions.

Today, I am pleased to announce the next step in this journey: Clicktale’s acquisition by world-leading digital experience platform, Contentsquare.

With both companies being recognized for their commitment to innovation and their ability to offer granular insights into digital customer behaviors, this decision provides us with an opportunity to create a true market leader in the digital experience space.

Where our goal at Clicktale has been to help digital teams reduce friction by understanding customer behavior, Contentsquare has focused its efforts on the discovery of unseen conversion opportunities and the need to optimize content performance. Now, by bringing both companies’ tools and expertise under one single brand, we are poised to create the richest possible data set and the most powerful platform available for the emerging DX space.

Over the next 12 months, our combined team of over 170 R&D professionals will be working aggressively to deliver a joint augmented platform that will include the best functionality of both products. For those already working with Clicktale, this will mean an unprecedented level of insight and a more all-encompassing digital experience platform.

As the Clicktale team, we have made tremendous progress in helping companies build memorable experiences that truly benefit both customers and brands. Together with Contentsquare, we can go even further. Thank you to all our customers, partners and employees for your continued trust, commitment and dedication. We look forward to great things on the horizon.

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