Clicktale is now open to the public & link analytics released

It's taken a year of hard work and studies -- not to mention planning, fixing, monitoring, and improving-- and the big day has finally come.
We couldn't be prouder!

Graduating from a Beta and launching the service publicly is no small task, but we think we've done it with flying colors. We invite you to come and check out the accomplishments for yourself. The new Clicktale provides instantaneous sign up with no need for an invitation. But that's not all...

As Clicktale finally ventures out into the real world, we know you'll be impressed by our new generation of heatmaps. In addition to "movie playback" and Scrolling heatmaps that Clicktale has always offered, today's launch includes Heatmaps with Link Analytics.

Link Analytics gives you an even more detailed analysis of your visitor's interactions with your website; information not available anywhere else. Knowing the number of clicks each link generates is important, but combining that with how many people hovered over that link and you're talking abut a serious degree of data. Still, it doesn't end there. Link Analytics reports how many of those hovers eventually turn into clicks, how much time it took for a user to decide on a link, and more. Here are some of the new metrics you'll have access to:

  • Clicks, we count the number of clicks and the percent of the total clicks on every link.
  • Visitors who Clicked are the number of unique visitors who clicked on a link as well as the fraction of total visitors.
  • Hovers over Links, the number of mouse hovers over a link. This tells how attractive a link is to the visitor, but not necessarily attractive enough for a click.
  • Hovers to Clicks, is the portion of mouse hovers that eventually convert into mouse clicks.
  • Hesitation is the average time from beginning of a mouse hover to the moment of the mouse click.
  • Hover Time is the average time mouse hovers over a link, indicating visitor interest level.
  • Time to Click is the average time between the moment a page has been loaded to the moment a link is clicked. You can now discover which links are most attractive by seeing the average time it takes to click on them.
  • Hover Order ranks the links by the average order in which they were hovered-over by visitors. Shows which links attract the mouse first, second and so on..

Subscribers have been raving about the new heatmaps. Christine Kayser, Marketing Analytics Coordinator at Lycos says: "I love the new changes. Knowing how many hovered vs. how many clicked is excellent. Plus, being able to see items that are clickable that people aren't clicking on is extremely helpful for our design team. The "Time to Click" data is fascinating."

Jeff Pittelkow, Direct Marketing Specialist at Horizon Hobby says "The new heat map features are great! It gives us all the great information we need to accurately and wisely make decisions about our site. I think the hesitation feature is quite unique too. Also the hover, and hovers to clicks. I can’t think of anywhere you can actually see how many people hovered on a link and decided not to click on it; or for that matter, how long it took someone to click on it."

We're offering a variety of pricing plans, the basic one-- consisting of 100 recordings per week-- continues to be free of charge. Other plans offer increased recordings and advanced features such as e-mail support, advanced search capabilities, a longer recording history, SSL encryption, and the ability to record HTTPS pages.

We're sure that you're going to want to put the new Clicktale to work right away. In the meantime, we're taking this commencement ceremony seriously: we're already working on the next batch of features and improvements to offer you.

Talk to us to explore how customer experience analytics can improve your business