Clicktale insight series

When we decided to create the Clicktale Insights Series, we knew it was an ambitious project.

Clicktale reveals insights. That’s what we do: We analyze data.

We capture massive amounts of data from the digital touchpoints of the world's leading brands, for analysis by our amazing team of consultants and web psychologists. We make recommendations that positively impact our customers’ business results, but most importantly, we transform the way they perceive and understand their customers’ needs and intent.  

The tasks of transforming deep analytic insights into 90-second animation videos that present industry best practices and actionable recommendations was challenging, to say the least. Beyond that challenge, I wanted to create the videos in a visual style that demonstrates our insights without divulging customer identities 

It was an inspiring and knowledge-building experience to learn how psychological theories like Gestalt can be applied to online users; how people perceive and interact with different site elements in ways that you'd never imagine; and, on the other hand, to understand how elements on our customers' sites impact their customers' emotional states of mind, dampen satisfaction and reduce overall conversions -- all under the radar of site owners. 

12 months and 7 movies later, I’m proud to present the Clicktale Insight Series. 

The first 6 videos cover real challenges that many of our customers have faced and the solutions that Clicktale offered. All recommendations were implemented by our customers, transforming the way their customers experienced the sites and delivering positive impact on their business result.  

Want to know more? Watch a few of our short Insight Series videos now! 

Site optimization is a never-ending cycle for digital businesses. For us too, the process of investigating and exploring evolving online behaviors and trends is an ongoing challenge. As we learn more about how to help digital businesses thrive, well continue to expand and share our innovative Video Insights knowledge base.

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