Clicktale, in-page analytics leader, partners with Omniture

Partnership will improve conversion rates for e-commerce and email marketing services

Clicktale, the world leader of In-Page Analytics, today announced integration with the Omniture Genesis Network. E-Business decision makers can now view site-wide analytics and drill down to see their customers' actual online experiences, showing individual mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, and keystrokes, as well as aggregate behavioral reports. Clicktale's Visitor Session PlaybackTM provides insights into why customers succeed or fail online, which helps increase conversion rates and optimize overall online business success.

"Congratulations to Omniture. Users will greatly benefit from the astounding insights delivered by Clicktale's 'In-page' analytics. Understanding what's happening on your website is a vital step in extracting more profit from your traffic, and in our opinion Clicktale is an essential part of that process. It is an outstanding complement to Omniture's existing solutions," says Ben Jesson, Co-Founder & CEO of Conversion Rate Experts, an international consultancy that inspires and helps website owners dominate their market.

Alongside Omniture reporting, Clicktale delivers In-Page aggregated reports of visitor behavior inside specific webpages. For example, Form AnalyticsTM assists in the optimization of online forms, with enhanced insight into which form fields cause visitor abandonment, which fields take too long to complete, and which ones generate errors. Attention HeatmapsTM provide a visual display of what visitors pay the most attention to, what they ignore or skip, and how far down the page they scroll.

"We're very excited about our partnership with Omniture, as this alliance enables our own 20,000+ users to gain access to an extended set of analytic tools. We're also thrilled to offer the Clicktale suite to a new audience, that can now reap the benefits of watching, and understanding, their customers' actual browsing sessions," says Tal Schwartz, Clicktale's CEO.

 Omniture's reports and conversion funnels are now complemented by Clicktale's visitor-level drill-down capabilities, which provide insights into the reasons visitors fail to convert. E-Business decision makers can use these two powerful analytic tools in conjunction, and gain a more meaningful understanding of their site's visitors, and more effectively reduce shopping cart abandonment, optimize landing pages and improve their site's usability.

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