Clicktale Helps Businesses "Follow That Chat"

Enhancing contact centers’ ability to deliver outstanding customer service

For many online retailers, what really sells is service. One of the many ways that companies make good on their goal of providing outstanding service is by offering real-time personal customer assistance, 24/7, using LivePerson’s chat platform.

Companies that leverage Clicktale to see the on-site experience through their customers’ eyes enjoy an extra advantage when they also use LivePerson in their contact centers. Beyond getting insight into how to rapidly and continuously improve customer journeys to make them easier, smoother and more pleasing, Clicktale integrates with Liveperson to further enhance the end-to-end customer experience – and, of course, customer success.

Clicktale’s two-way integration with LivePerson allows managers and customer service specialists to view customer sessions recordings right from their LivePerson dashboard, and get valuable insight into customers’ experiences and behaviors preceding, during and following their chats.

Quantifying customer service impact on conversion

The LivePerson platform enables managers and customer service specialists to monitor service quality and costs via metrics such as length of engagement, customer satisfaction and resolution time. By recording post-chat customer journeys through the site, the LivePerson-Clicktale integration allows managers to directly assess customer service impact on conversion, and accurately measure customer service ROI.

Customer-centric business take pride in providing courteous, efficient service, as indeed they should. But service is expensive. By helping contact centers increase conversion rates, by even a few percentage points, or shortening the average chat by just a couple of minutes, the Clicktale-LivePerson integration can have a huge impact on contact center ROI.

Optimizing the customer service experience

While virtually all enterprises apply best practices for customer service, the LivePerson-Clicktale integration empowers them to identify and implement true data-driven strategies for success. Using Clicktale, customer service managers can determine which service strategies most effectively drive conversion for the common issues for which customers seek help, and apply these findings to optimize future customer interactions.

Leveraging customer service data to smooth the overall customer journey

Using the Clicktale-LivePerson integration, customer service specialists and managers can locate and replay sessions of visitors experiencing similar issues to see where, how and especially why some customers completed self-service journeys, while others required assistance. Beyond helping specific customers complete their purchases, the integration enables companies to uncover issues that depress conversions, identify use cases and customer behaviors that trigger issues, and quantify the impact on conversions. Clear visualizations and replays make it easy to communicate issues and align stakeholders around resolving them.

Capturing the iceberg under the tip

Beyond satisfying customers – an important goal in itself – smoothing the customer journey reduces customer service costs and increases conversions. The resulting uplift is far greater than chat figures indicate: While only a small number of visitors who experience difficulty in the shopping and ordering process request assistance, many, many more simply abandon purchase attempts. Integrating Clicktale with LivePerson to rapidly identify, understand, and resolve issues surfaced in customer service interactions can have critical impact on the customer experience as well as on companies’ bottom lines.

The LivePerson integration is just one more way that Clicktale helps companies understand their customer experience, identify where they have difficulty and optimize performance at all touchpoints to deliver the level of service to which they aspire.

To learn more about the Clicktale-LivePerson integration see our LivePerson Integration datasheet.

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