Clicktale Experience Cloud findings: A sneak preview

“This is the analytics solution I always wanted but never knew was possible.” That’s what one Clicktale customer interrupted his first Clicktale Experience Cloud training session to exclaim.

Clicktale Experience Cloud is set for general release in April, but great stories from our beta clients are beginning to flood in. Here are two stories that one beta customer found within the first week of use, to whet your appetite for the great value the Experience Cloud delivers, with incredible ease and at unprecedented speed.

1. Surfacing and resolving a resolutions mystery

  • Time to discovery: 0 minutes
  • Time to diagnosis: 10 minutes

During a quick, routine scan of Product Detail Page KPIs in his Experience Center, the fashion footwear manager of a major digital retailer eyed the list of segments that most influence conversion to see if any outliers surfaced.

He instantly noticed large deviations in the rates at which customers with different size screens added shoes to their shopping bags. With just two clicks, he had all the facts: Customers using 1024 pixel wide screens added items to their bags at more than 4 times the average rate, while customers with 1920 pixel screens added shoes to their bags at just 70% of the average rate and less than 20% of the rate of customers with 1024 pixel screens

A quick click on the “replay” button for each segment showed the product pages, as they appeared on each type of monitor… and the mystery was resolved.

On the higher resolution screen, a huge product image dominated the page and the small “Add to bag” CTA was easily overlooked.

On the lower resolution monitor, in contrast, the product image was smaller, yet attractive and clear. Color options were clearly visible, as were the price and customer ratings. Significantly, the “Add to bag” CTA was much larger, more legible, and not overwhelmed by the product image.

Without Clicktale Experience Cloud to surface the issue, it would not have been found.

And if, by chance, someone did happen to notice the poor page appearance on some monitors, it would take weeks – instead of 10 minutes -- to manually define segments based on screen size; wait for results to come in; discover which monitors were impacted; and link to conversions to quantify impact.

2. Steering clear of ship(ping) wrecks

  • Time to discovery: 0 minutes
  • Time to diagnosis: 5 minutes

Scanning the Experience Center once more, the fashion accessory retailer’s e-commerce manager saw that an unusually high percentage of customers – almost 53% -- were exiting the site from the checkout shipping page, despite their clear intent to purchase.

Quickly clicking through to detailed data about the experiences of customers exiting the site from the shipping page, the manager immediately spotted high JS error rates.

Session replays surfaced the problem: a zip code loader that froze and blocked the screen, preventing customers from completing the form. Ultimately, customers who encounter the error simply gave up on purchasing at the site and exited.

Unlike solutions that flag JavaScript errors that are transparent to visitors, Clicktale Experience Cloud makes it easy to find and focus on fixing the errors that actually impact customer experience.

More to come

Stay tuned for more Clicktale Experience Cloud customer experience success stories. And if, like us, you are too excited to wait, contact us now to learn how you can get the Experience Cloud working for you!


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