Clicktale and Adobe translate customer experience into actionable value

Aaron Watson, Clicktale’s VP of Worldwide Business Development, recently caught up with John Mellor, VP Strategy, Marketing and Alliances for the Digital Marketing Business Unit at Adobe, to talk about the Adobe-Clicktale partnership, the opportunities it creates, and the unique relationship between the two companies.

Together driving millions of dollars of increased revenue

Clicktale and Adobe represent the technology equivalent of a match made in heaven, with a partnership that extends the value of each standalone platform.

The value is in understanding intent and action to get to the next level of consumer understanding. “Clicktale integrating with Adobe Experience Manager brings that intent, combines the left and the right brain of how you decide what to show on a web page,” John says.

“Together, that understanding can drive millions of dollars of either increased revenue or cost savings,” adds John, “by helping consumers reach an end goal more quickly or removing a blockage that otherwise we wouldn’t know is there without the combination of these two technologies’ data sets.”

The strong integration of Clicktale with Adobe Analytics brings exceptional value to digital businesses. As Aaron explains: “You can identify an underperforming segment in Adobe or Clicktale, and push that segment from Adobe or from Clicktale into the other platform. Then we leverage the expertise of each platform to understand, optimize and execute. The integrated ability to move segments back and forth and act on what you identify is a key piece of value for our shared customers.”

Complementary technology that gives the “why” not just the “what”

“Clicktale has been a really great partner,” says John. “Adobe technology, particularly Adobe Analytics, is so complementary with Clicktale technology because you’re mapping two different data sets onto each other. Those two data sets give a better picture into the ‘why’, not just the ‘what’ do consumers do when they interact.”

Adobe has a unique asset in terms of the analytics data they collect on behalf of their customers and is very accurate at determining what happens on a web property or an app. “Trillions and trillions of transactions come into our platform that analyze behavior of consumers on websites,” says John. “On top of that, Clicktale layers additional behavioral information that gives a view into what the thought process of the user was as they were trying to navigate our customers’ web property or apps.”

John adds that Clicktale’s integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud has many interesting levels, but what most excites him is the ability to visualize the consumer experience: what the consumer is trying to achieve, and where there are blockages, challenges, and successes.

“You can build segments around the successful customers,” John explains. “You can then deliver compelling content that matches those segments, and ultimately deliver a better experience to your consumers. This allows you to rally around what the consumer is trying to achieve on your digital property, helps you put yourself in the shoes of that consumer – feel their pain and feel their joy.”

Aaron adds, “When you combine our two data sets, two types of insights, you end up with the ‘what’ and ‘why’, which leads to customer loyalty, greater customer satisfaction, and better business.”

Adobe’s 2015 Innovation Partner of the Year: bringing an added layer of functionality & insight

Adobe chose Clicktale as 2015 Innovation Partner of the Year because they really do bring an interesting incremental layer of functionality and technology and insight onto the Adobe Experience Cloud,” explains John. “It becomes a tool that sits in a real companion environment with Adobe Analytics, and is something from which our customers can derive more value.”

According to John, there were two main advantages that convinced Adobe to name Clicktale as their Innovation Partner of the Year. Firstly, depth of integration with Adobe’s analytics product that offers Adobe a deeper view of how its customers’ customers are interacting with their web properties. Secondly, the breadth of Clicktale’s integrations with the Adobe Experience Cloud, which goes beyond analytics.”

“It’s a great honor for Clicktale,” says Aaron. “This award validates what Clicktale and Adobe have done to enable a high volume of shared enterprise customers to deliver increased customer loyalty and lifetime value through bi-directional integrations.”

“Clicktale and Adobe have many joint customers,” notes John. “Large enterprises are already using the integration between Clicktale and Adobe, and to us, that’s the ultimate proof of whether somebody is a partner we can invest in. It’s companies like Walmart, Lenovo, B&Q where we see real customer value that’s incremental to what either Clicktale or Adobe could provide alone.”

Adobe Exchange Program: better technical integration and go-to-market alignment

Through the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, Adobe exposes its platform to the ISV community. The program helps extend the functionality of the Adobe Experience Cloud by allowing other partners with interesting and engaging technology to bring that functionality into the Experience Cloud and jointly offer a richer experience.

As a Premier member of the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, Clicktale has greatest access to Adobe technology, the Adobe go-to-market machine, and the Adobe ecosystem. “This allows us to give Clicktale the attention they really deserve for technical integration and go-to-market alignment,” says John.

Biggest shift ever in enterprise investment

“We believe we are in one of the biggest shifts in enterprise investment that has happened in the last 50 years,” states John. “Companies are now trying to understand how to capture this digital disruption.

As enterprises become experience businesses, the consumer is in control. What this means,” says John” is that as enterprises, we must understand the consumer, where their blockages are, and what the intent is behind their interactions. Because ultimately we believe experience is the currency of competition in the next age of enterprise development.”

The integration between Adobe and Clicktale, John believes, can provide continuous insight into the consumer experience, because that experience is changing so rapidly on desktops, kiosks, mobile apps, providing a new landscape through which enterprises have to understand their consumers.

“We see experience as being the really big differentiator that enterprises are competing with,” John adds. “Better understanding consumers is a key driver for competitive differentiation. Clicktale and Adobe give you that intent plus the behavioral analytics for websites, mobile apps, and other channels that are going to emerge over the coming decade. This integration provides visibility, and long-term differentiation into the future.”

Watch this video to hear John Mellor share more about his take on the close Adobe-Clicktale partnership.

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