Clicktale and Adobe: Every integration explained

Every March, the world of digital marketing and digital analytics descends on Adobe Summit to learn about, and showcase, the latest and greatest ways to enhance and optimize customers’ digital experiences.

Because of our highly complementary datasets, Clicktale was one of the first partners in Adobe’s Premier Exchange Partner program and we continue to have the longest-running relationship in our space. Joint customers can extend their Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities by incorporating Clicktale’s experience analytics insights. By bringing both datasets together, marketers can get the complete story and a true understanding of their customers.

As well as advanced integrations with Adobe Analytics, Target, Experience Manager and Launch by Adobe, Clicktale’s Data Export can be fed into Audience Manager to build enhanced behavioral audiences.


In this blog, I will outline how these integrations work, and the measurable benefits that they can bring to enterprise organizations:

Adobe Analytics

The two-way integration with Adobe Analytics adds a more visual layer to your analysis workflows and takes you beyond just the numbers to reveal “Aha!” insights to find new ways to make each customer successful. Access your Adobe Analytics segments within Clicktale so you can seamlessly visualize their full journey and in-page behavior. Drill deeper even to individual visitor browsing sessions to discover targeted opportunities for improving the digital experience.

Adobe Target

The integration with Adobe Target helps you create significantly more value from your investment in site optimization by adding a visual layer of insights to solve common testing challenges. Gain an in-depth look at the behavior and in-page experience of visitors taking part in your tests. Understand the biggest factors that lead to success. Reveal insights that enable you to iterate your tests more quickly and find new ways to make each customer successful.

Adobe Experience Manager

The AEM integration adds a visual layer to your content management system, helping creative and marketing teams work together to design superior digital experiences. Utilize visitor behavior and in-page interactions to gain a deep understanding of the brand experiences of your visitors, pinpoint specific website elements that are either ripe for proactive optimization or causing customer struggle. Launch heatmaps, link analytics and session replays directly from the content to optimize design based on customers’ actual behavior and intent.

Launch by Adobe

Clicktale’s integration with Launch by Adobe enhances the mapping of data elements in a code-free environment for Adobe’s next-generation of Dynamic Tag Management. Launch by Adobe will allow online businesses to consolidate and manage tags to make marketing activities more efficient, reduce costs and improve website performance. The integration enhances the mapping of data elements with an extension view similar to Clicktale’s Visual Editor, a code-free environment to set up events within the Clicktale Experience Cloud.

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