Click, AEM, & shoot! Clicktale and Adobe’s experience manager

Today’s technological developments in the online optimization space both heighten our capacity as digital marketers to perfect the digital journey/experience for our customers, as well as raise the bar for results!

Recent developments to Adobe CQ bring us the Adobe Experience Manager, probably one of the most real-time, dynamic content management solutions in the market today. AEM allows digital professionals to engage, update, and alter site elements directly on the page and do so quickly and easily with a content bank sidekick, an integral part of the interface.

AEM also has a standalone A/B testing capability where the person responsible for doing AB testing would be able to insert the different variations of content they’d like to test into the WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) interface.

With this, the Clicktale/Adobe synergy continues to grow. Although there’s no formal integration between AEM and Clicktale at this point, the benefits of using CT in parallel with AEM will allow you to enhance your efficiency and accuracy when making changes to content.

Together serving anyone in the online landscape from digital marketers or designers, content managers, analysts or e-business professionals, we’re happy to be in good company and eliminate as many challenges as possible for our customers’ daily efforts, now lending a hand to the AEM content management process..

The synergy:

Firstly the teams and users of AEM are the among the same teams and users of Clicktale- site authors, designers, content managers. The IT team/developers also would be involved in setting up the site structure on the back end, though the primary users would be content authors or the UX team.

Using Clicktale you are able better identify insight as to how to makes changes to your page like layout. Using Clicktale to understand real time and granular engagement insights facilitates in making decisions and deploying quickly and more accurately.

Additionally, as AEM uses the same segments as Adobe Analytics, Clicktale hooks into these segments, that then allows you to study the behavior and then create appropriate content on a segment level, creating the ideal interface for each user group. Ideal in today’s pursuit for personalized & tailored online experiences.

Ultimately our goal along with that of innovative partners like Adobe that occupy this exciting space with us, is to invest in constantly developing and improving our clients’ ability to man their digital landscape so that they can systematically and consistently increase the yield or achieve what they are seeking. So stay tuned for more updates and shares from Clicktale to come!

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