Cats, carts & conversion: survey results on digital marketing challenges

Businesses now realize that they must connect and engage with customers to remain competitive, optimize conversion rates, and improve Return on Investment (ROI). Mapping out the digital touch points throughout the buyer’s journey and customer life-cycle and optimizing them are the crux of Digital Customer Experience (DCX).

In a recent survey, we asked marketers from leading companies about their challenges. The feedback we received raised issues such as: shopping cart abandonment, increasing website conversion rates, spending on optimization and acquisition, and discovering ways to be set apart from competitors.

A major challenge for many businesses is to be able detect when visitors and customers have had a bad online experience. Very few customers, if any, will let you know about it, even when Voice of Customer tools are in place. In most cases, they get disappointed and leave with a bad taste in their mouths, never to return. Turning website visitors into satisfied customers and keeping retention rates high tie back into this prominent pain point.

These complex challenges call for the ability to offer an optimized customer experience, which can serve as the online marketing differentiator. We aggregated these marketers’ answers and nuggets of wisdom into this infographics:

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