Case study:

"Clicktale increased my conversion rate by 35%!"

- Oded Jonathan, Marketing Manager

When your basement is flooding or you kitchen is ruined by smoke, who are you going to call?

Well, if you want speedy and courteous service, you would be in the good company of about 1,500 - 2,000 other people who visit on a daily basis. The site directs visitors to live 'damage consultants' available 24/7 who can guide home and business owners through the initial steps of safety procedures, damage control and get them the professional help they need immediately. The site also features educational information about preventative measures and the hazards of water, sewage, fire and mold.

Oded Jonathan, head of marketing for RestorationSOS, began noticing patterns in user behavior within his first short while as a Clicktale client. Turns out there were several changes that needed to be made, the most serious of which was concerning a link whereby visitors could submit a request. In the Clicktale videos he watched, Oded noticed that there were many more requests made than received by his company. After some intensive research, the problem was found to lay with the server. After he upgraded the server, there was an increased conversion of 35% more requests. "Clicktale can be priceless sometimes" Oded says.

For this reason alone, Oded is thankful to an SEO friend who gave him the scoop on Clicktale. However, the benefit he derives from the service doesn't end there. He watches Clicktale on an almost daily basis to see how users react to different offers, texts, and the page itself. "Clicktale will definitely expand your horizons when you come to see the behaviour of your users," claims Oded. What Clicktale offers, he says, is more valuable than what can be found in a usability lab because there is no sense of having one's actions analyzed.

In addition to watching videos, Oded says that he would make use of many other of Clicktale's functions such as tags and heatmaps. Oded concludes that "Clicktale provides a vital sort of instant gratification whereby I can solve a problem within 24 hours. I can't think of any other tool that would do that."

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