Case study:

"Thanks to Clicktale I can watch my web users, and change the content and the graphics based on their moves"

Johnny Vaccaro, Founder

Video gamers in the market for a new vice are in for a treat when they come across one of's 3D screenshots. Instead of viewing flat images of the game, potential buyers and industry insiders can have a taste of what it feels like to actually be in it. partners with such well-established game publishing companies as Atari and THQ. The site also serves as a hub for promoting the latest and greatest releases in the videogame world.

Panogames concentrates all of their Clicktale recordings on their homepage. They implemented the service after a site redesign in order to understand the impact of the changes they'd made. Founder of, Johnny Vaccaro, sees Clicktale as a replacement to usability testing with live participants. Clicktale revealed to him that a very small percentage of his users scroll down to the bottom of his page, thus never coming in contact with certain banners-- a fault that he was easily able to remedy. He also noticed that most users don't read the reviews posted on his site, preferring to just look at the images pictures and scan the titles. While Vaccaro does not use the demographics report provided by Clicktale, he does like seeing the referrer of each of his clients and thereby takes advantage of Clicktale's detailed reports.

Vaccaro affirms that Clicktale is an 'advanced usability testing tool'  He would definitely recommend it to friends.

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