Are you delivering consistent digital experiences in the switching economy?

A study from Salesforce revealed that 75% of consumers expect consistent digital experiences across channels and 73% are likely to switch if they don't get it. Technology has increased the number of digital channels, and marketing leaders have revealed that 34% of their budget is spent on channels they didn’t know existed five years ago. 

Customers engage with brands through apps, websites, social media, and in-store visits. While this provides several opportunities to interact with customers, it also demands that marketing is seamless and consistent across all channels. A customer can simply switch tabs or browsers to take their business elsewhere if they don’t receive a positive digital experience.

Ensure Effective Communication Across Channels

Consistent experiences in an omnichannel world are necessary for customers to recognize and understand your brand. A brand message shouldn’t be open to interpretation, and it should help build awareness and customer loyalty. It is vital to make an impression at every touchpoint, from when they first visit a website, app or store, to when they complete the purchase. 

Consistency across channels means more than posting content on all platforms – all of a brand’s output should come together holistically to create a connection with customers. Does the information from one channel compliment the information on another? It’s not just about building a website or a storefront, but about creating a memorable experience that connects with customers.

Focus on the Customer’s Digital Experience

Technology is raising customers’ expectations at a rapid pace, and it’s vital for companies to meet the challenge. 51% of customers say most companies fall short of their expectations, and 57% of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience. Personalization and the analysis of customers’ digital behavior are effective tools in understanding how satisfied a customer is with their digital experience. Analyze customer behaviors to understand what works and what doesn’t as they engage with your website. 

Customers come with preconceived notions of what your website will offer, and it’s up to you to make sure they leave feeling like the visit was meaningful. Looking at the paths customers take from initial awareness of your brand through your website and mobile apps can help understand which channels have the most traffic, what content attracts visitors, and what website elements engage buyers. 

Technology has increased the opportunities brands have to connect with customers, but knowing how to brand across these different platforms and channels is the basis of modern marketing. Consistent digital experiences aren’t just about putting the same content on every app or social media site, but instead using each channel to connect with buyers and support the experiences you want them to have.

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