A case study in the non profit sector from our partner Visiplus

A few words about Médecins du Monde:

For 30 years Médecins du Monde has been involved in treating the most vulnerable populations; Bearing witness to obstacles encountered to health care access; Obtaining sustainable improvements to health policies and medical practices so as to attain equal access to health care for all.

1. The Challenge

As a non-profit, raising money through donations is critical ensuring that Médecins du Monde can continue to fund their important work. Small donations from members of the public is an important channel for the organization to raise funds and the online donation page is a central element for this. By improving the layout, content and form on the donation page, they hoped to see an increase in conversion rates.

2. The Donation Page

Using Clicktale’s Form Analytics Conversion Report, they discovered the global performance of the form and the visitors’ interactions.
The conversion rate was 12% with more than 63% of the visitors leaving the page without interacting with the form whatsoever. Additionally, 24% of visitors left the form after they started to complete their details.

This suggested that the form was too complex and/or too long to complete, even for visitors that had already decided that they want to make a donation online.They also used the Drop Report and Time Report in order to understand which fields were not performing well and why.

Using Clicktale they identified that the entire page needed a revamp including layout, fields and design. The main changes included:

  • Adding a background picture (empathy);
  • Adding a UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and form title at the top of the page;
  • Adding contact information (working as reinsurance elements);
  • Revamping the form layout (split into three steps/fields redesign);
  • Optimizing the form fields (explain/remove fields)
  • Adding a proof of success and “clients’ benefits” near the submit button;
  • Optimizing the submit button (color, size, design, and content)

The donation page: Before and After

3. The Results

Using Clicktale, Médecins du Monde increased conversion rates of the online donation page by 52.6% from 12% to 18.4%. In real terms, this increased monthly online donations from €30,000 to €45,780.

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