A case study in B2C services from our partner Pakua

A few words about Managers Online:

Manager Online is a career site, where businesses can post employment opportunities and online users can search for jobs. It was founded in 2001, when the internet’s popularity in Brazil really took off.

The Challenge

Manager Online was struggling with a host of usability pitfalls, causing only 2% of visitors to successfully register. We realized that the homepage was in need of a complete redesign. Visitors specifically had a hard time while completing the checkout form and would often abandon the registration process, and the site as a whole. Additionally, there weren’t any filters or menus on the search page for visitors to easily navigate the site.

Improving the Search Page

The Scroll Reach and Attention Heatmaps showed us that 60% of visitors scrolled down enough to view only the first 5 items on the results page even though it had 15 job opportunities!

Using the Mouse Click Heatmap, we discovered that the major call to action (register) was not being clicked on enough.
We also found that job-seekers were only reviewing the results on the first 3 pages.

The Homepage: Before & After


Using Clicktale we identified that the homepage needed to be geared towards getting visitors to register. It therefore needed to be uncluttered with the addition of a clearer key call to action.


The changes in the Homepage included:

Registration box moved higher, larger, simpler with bright yellow button.

  • Text in the “Register” call to action now reads “7 days for free”.
  • All other content on the page that wasn’t essential was removed.
  • The filter search call to action was lifted higher on the page.
  • The addition of a display of current job opportunities in real-time


  1. We increased registrations by over 50% and now always convert over 3%.
  2. Following the changes, the Alexa ranking of Manager Online rose 30%.
  3. The redesign of the search pages has made space for ads which will create a new source of revenue for the business.

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PAKUA is a Clicktale´s Certified Partner in Brazil: “Gostamos de tecnologia e temos expertise do negócio dentro do segmento de marketing e de comunicação corporativa. Esta união de experiências e de conhecimentos, faz com que a Pakua ofereça aos seus clientes um atendimento diferenciado e o desenvolvimento de diversos tipos de projetos para atender as necessidades deste público-alvo.” http://www.pakua-it.com.br

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