5 simple ways to reassure customers and encourage conversions

May Marketing Madness Conversion Week, Post #3

Converting customers want to feel safe and in control when making their purchases. Therefore, in return for their honest info, you need to be up front about yours.

Safe and Secure Forum: First off, it is definitely worth your while to invest in TRUSTe logos and an HTTPS URL for payment transactions. Creating a secure channel over an insecure network is especially important for customers doing their online shopping outside the comfort of their own home. This reduces their hesitation and increases their chances of completing a purchase.

Safety first! Give your customers reassurance during their checkout process, including abundant product, delivery, and shipping information.

Form Fields: Just the sight of a ridiculously long form is already cause for caution and page abandonment. Before you add honest info, see what fields you can take away. Determine which are necessary for your site's individual checkout process (not anyone else's). Form analytics can help you determine which fields take too long to fill, are most frequently left blank, and cause your visitors to leave.

Images + Quantity of Product Purchases: Include this information in the product information. This decreases customers' need to browse back and waiver on their purchase.

Delivery Details + Shipping Costs: The more info you can provide here, the better. This leaves the visitor with little or no doubt as to how much and approximately when they should expect their purchase, encouraging them to proceed onwards with the purchasing process. You may also want to consider discounting your shipping costs and letting your customers know, right on the checkout page itself.

Bold, Clear Totals and Order Reviews:The color, text, and placement of purchase totals and order reviews should ease customers towards that final click.

Divulging a lot of personal and financial information can bring a lot of customer insecurities. These best practices can help reduce buyers' hesitation and increase your conversions.

This post is one out of Clicktale's month long May Marketing Madness series. Each of our daily posts will highlight and explain today's best practices, useful tips and smart tools to measure and improve your online business performance. This week focuses on conversion. Make sure to stay tuned for more great posts!

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