49% increase in form completion; a case study with Searchmax BV

Clicktale is happy to announce its new partnership with Searchmax BV, a full service Online Marketing agency based in the Netherlands. Already since working with Clicktale, Searchmax and its clients have been able to see significant increases in conversion rates, as demonstrated in this case study, where T&E Job Agency saw a 49% increase in conversion rates in just three months.

The Challenge

The firm needed to get a deeper look into the online customer behavior of one of its clients’ website, T&E Job Agency. The website had two problematic pages that were causing companies seeking employees to either not reach or abandon their staff order form.

The "before "company page

The Company Page was the first area of concern, where they made the following observations:

A. Top menu was the best-read part of the page.
B. Summary of their services didn’t contain links to the pages.
C. The link to click through to the offer page was hidden in the text.

The "before" offer form

D. The section of the page to enter company based information was well read but had a low Engagement Time.
E. The link to "How to work together with T&E" was not being seen.
F. The call to action button to complete the form was not being seen.

Additionally, the top menu to go back to the previous pages was the best read part of this page, preventing visitors from moving forward with the conversion process.


To understand and see exactly what was happening on the UI, Searchmax employed Clicktale's Mouse Move, Mouse Click, Attention and Scroll-Reach Heatmaps, as well as its Form Analytics and Conversion Funnel.

Based on the visual data revealed using these key features, Searchmax was able to make the following design changes to T&E’s website:

The "after" company page

1. Menu

The menu on the Company page was reorganized and redesigned to include additional links to increase conversion towards the offer page.

2. USP’s
A quick summary of unique selling points of T&E was inserted to facilitate companies’ decision to choose T&E.

3. Calls to Action
Two CTA buttons were inserted: One green button to link to the offer page and one orange button to link to brochure.

4. Images
The images were updated to reflect current design and refresh the UI.

5. Quick search
A quick search area was created for companies looking for specific staff members.

The "after" offer form

Two sections of the Offer Form were changed:
1. Up-to-date images
2. Removal of “Type of Partnership” section T&E would ask companies, making the form shorter and allowing for more form completions.


After the redesign, T&E’s visitors were able to navigate through the website easier and quicker. The website received a 49% boost in conversion rates after just three months.

About Searchmax

Searchmax BV is a full service Online Marketing agency based in the Netherlands, with a SEO department in India and a subsidiary www.bennerz.nl for the creation and distribution of display advertisements, servicing the SMB market with every tool they need to reach, engage and convert their target audiences. We help the small and medium businesses get new clients and get more out of their existing clients at the most effective and efficient way. Our portfolio consists of a.o. display advertising, sea, seo, video, social media and conversion optimization. With a no nonsense approach and innovative products at very competitive prices we deliver value to our customers and help them grow their business. On many services we offer guarantees.

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