2013 holiday gift ideas for the internet marketer

This post goes out to all the procrastinators out there, you know who you are. You’ve waited till the last minute again and you’ve found yourself giftless for that Internet marketer in your life. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and now you have some serious work ahead of you to find that perfect gift.

We’ve searched the web high and low for you in order to bring you five gifts that will surely please that special Internet marketer in your life. These are really cool gifts that will definitely stand out and make you look like a real champ. Best of all, they are all under $50.

1. Blue sky snow globe

What better way to show someone you love them than with a snow globe that shakes blue crystals onto a Winnebago in the Albuquerque desert? This Blue Sky Snow Globe is a fond look back on Walt and Jesse's humble beginnings. £24.99


2.Ferrofluid magnetic display

Have you ever played with something so simple that you just lost track of time? That’s kind of how it is with Ferrofluid Magnetic Display. It doesn’t seem like much at first, but once you start playing with it you can’t put it down. $29.99

3. Star Wars lightsaber thumb wrestling

Do you remember saying this? "One, two, three, four – we declare thumb war" right after saying that you would flick your pointer finger out yelling “Tag Team!” and getting your opponent mad? However, that’s not how they must’ve done it long, long ago. Back then they did it with lightsabers. Now you can do it too! $10.89

4. Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player

Why do you insist on watching videos on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? That is so 2013! In 2014, we are using the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player to stream online video and music right to our TV using our smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s extremely easy to set up and it works with Android, iOS, Chrome for Mac, and Chrome for Windows. $35


5. Wipebook - whiteboard notebook

We’ve all seen how creatively people use whiteboards to generate cool and awesome ideas, right? But can you carry around a whiteboard with you wherever you go? It’s way too big and you would just look awkward walking the streets with it. However, there’s a new company out of Ottowa, Canada, that has created a portable version of the whiteboard called Wipebook. Wipebook converted the old whiteboard into a notebook that helps you generate great ideas where you go. A big positive is that you won’t have to waste a single sheet of paper ever again on those half baked ideas you’ve been having. $25.00 CAD

Did we miss any cool gifts that you think we should have added here? If so, please share in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter,  where we are always listening.


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