Talya Rachel Judovits

  • 5 simple ways to reassure customers and encourage conversions

    5 simple ways to reassure customers and encourage conversions

    May Marketing Madness Conversion Week, Post #3 Converting customers want to feel safe and in control when making their purchases. Therefore, in return for their honest info, you need to …

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  • 4 proven ways to educate online users about your technology

    4 proven ways to educate online users about your technology

    Creating new technology and offering updated products/features is exciting for any business. After all, we techies know what we’ve got is great and ultimately easy to use, but now we …

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  • 2 easy ways to increase visitor engagement times

    Let’s face it; a lot of the content we need to write for our business agenda and marketing campaigns can get boring. It often needs organization and a bit of …

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  • Online marketing taglining tips 101

    May Marketing Madness Online Strategy Week, Post #14 What are the advantages of a really good tagline? Good press, good way for customers to remember your name, great way to …

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  • Facebooking for business; is it for you?

    To use Facebook or not to use Facebook? That is indeed a question us business marketers want answered. The unwavering Facebook force is continuing its quest for online world domination …

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  • Hi-Tech geo hot spots around the world

    Today, we’re heatmapping for red hot engagement with the hi-tech world. We want to know where exactly do us tech geeks hang out for endless working hours, where do our …

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  • The website element egg hunt

    The “hunt” is on Use web page analytics to discover to discover which website elements do you come across while website hopping? Does their location on a web page change …

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  • So you think you know heat maps?

    Do you know how to translate all the extreme color of heat maps into powerful money making action during your website optimizations? These explosions of color narrate visitor usage patterns …

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  • Achieve a healthy website with heat map analytics

    Usability beginners and buffs alike have benefited and continue to cheer on Steve Krug’s popular Don’t Make Me Think , myself included. However, let’s face it; you guys know your …

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