Sam Green

  • How one misplaced link can cost your website millions

    The following story is from a real customer who’s website was recently analysed by the Clicktale Consulting Group. What’s particularly interesting about this user case is how simple the problem was, …

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  • The impact of not understanding your online customers

    In this previous blog post we delved into one of the salient challenges facing marketing today: The fact that we don’t know enough about the vast majority of website visitors …

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  • How to become the DCX hero of the enterprise

    So you’re already convinced that your company needs to start tracking and better understanding the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) your website provides. And you know that large conversion results can be …

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  • The essentials of the modern ‘marketing orchestra’

    When thinking about your online goals and how these fit into the bigger picture of your organization’s growth, brand image, and market competitiveness, it’s no longer possible to sit back …

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  • Global insurance trends & the online frontier

    It’s no secret that the insurance industry worldwide faces multiple challenges: Price competition in non-life sectors such as motor insurance are driving down premiums and profitability; low interest rates in …

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  • Webinar: enhance A/B testing with Optimizely and Clicktale

    We’ve spoken about the power of Clicktale and A/B testing quite a few times on this blog; most recently here and here. If you understand that A/B testing is in part, …

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  • Webinar: 'Fast Track Your Web Optimization ROI'

    Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s a bit more information on Monday’s up-coming webinar! Make sure to register now! – Ever wondered how web visitors really respond to the layout …

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  • Get big conversion results from small website changes

    If you know exactly how visitors are interacting within the pages of your website then you can take your optimization efforts to a whole new level. Suddenly you will discover small …

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  • Are website conversion rates deceptively low?

    There is an ongoing debate as to what constitutes a ‘good’ website conversion rate. As any marketer will know, conversion rates are the index of a website’s success and one...

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