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  • Join our webinar: digital customer experience trends 2014

    DCX: Now An Integral Part of Enterprise Marketing Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is about the marriage of two terms we’re all familiar with: ‘Digital Analytics’ and ‘Customer Experience’. Just a …

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  • 4 tips to perfecting insurance site customer experience

    When developing the customer experience for eCommerce websites, there’s a significant divide between what’s known as ‘Impulse Purchase‘ sites and ‘Considered Purchase’ sites. Impulse vs Considered Purchase Websites Impulse purchase sites …

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  • No more guesswork with customer feedback and digital experience integration!

    Guest Post by Duff Anderson, SVP iPerceptions Imagine you see a spike in cart abandonment and start watching visitor browser sessions to better understand the reasons why. Good. But what …

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  • Using digital customer experience to monetize your web analytics segments (webinar)

    When? Tuesday September 9th, 11:00-11:35AM CST/5:00-5:35PM UK Register Here In this 35 minute webinar Adam Greco (Adobe Analytics expert), Siping Roussin (Lenovo) and Joseph Fuerst (Clicktale) discuss and explain: How …

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  • 4 facts that will change how you do online marketing

    A few years ago everyone was talking about the importance of measuring the success of our websites and marketing campaigns. Now the conversation...

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  • 3 ways to make online customers stay with you for life

    Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a prediction of the total value that a customer will bring to a business over the lifetime of the relationship. CMO’s today recognize that growing the …

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  • Prioritize your A/B tests for maximum monetization (In 4 easy steps)

    Deciding which website A/B tests to prioritize can be a dilemma at best and a nightmare at worst. But, do it right and you can save your team months of …

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  • Is Cloud bringing digital customer experience down to earth?

    According to Graham Charlton over at Econsultancy, companies with an online presence are focusing more and more on ‘why’ customers behave or experience the web in the ways they do. …

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  • How marketing immaturity nearly killed customer experience

    In our previous post (Is Your Digital Customer Experience as Good as You Think?) we presented the disconnect between how well companies imagined they deliver ‘customer experience’ (moderately good) and …

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