Sam Green

  • Why the mobile footer matters…

    If we follow the traditional rules of web design, then the further you go down the page, the less important the information there. And as a result, we have a self-fulfilling prophecy...

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  • The 3 types of bounce rate and what they say about your customer experience

    The 3 types of bounce rate and what they say about your customer experience

    How good is your website’s entry page? Not to be confused with Exit Rate, Bounce Rate is one of the most significant metrics in the online marketer’s toolkit. It’s essentially the percentage of …

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  • Are web carousels out? (8 tips for mobile & desktop optimization)

    Are web carousels out? (8 tips for mobile & desktop optimization)

    Web carousels (or sliders) were all the rage back in 2012 and 2013. Now fast-forward to the present day and we find many companies unsure of when, where or how …

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  • 5 reasons why your website optimization should never end

    Does marketing optimization have a life-cycle like a product? There’s an argument to be made that says yes. When you first introduce an optimization strategy the returns are immediate and clear. In fact, nothing is clearer to web visitors than a website that’s not optimized!

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  • How to remove the blindfold from A/B testing: Clicktale & Adobe analytics integration

    Picture this. You’re challenged to a game of darts and shown a dartboard. The only problem is you’re blindfolded and asked to hit the bullseye! That’s exactly what it can …

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  • Is your digital customer experience as good as you think?

    In our recent blog post (What is Digital Customer Experience and Why Does it Matter?) we raised some of the main challenges facing Digital Customer Experience professionals in the enterprise. …

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  • What is digital customer experience and why does it matter?

    Welcome to the newly revamped DCX Navigator Blog! Here at the DCX we’re dedicated to better understanding what really makes (or breaks!) customer experience in the digital world. Every blog should …

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  • Heat map technology revolutionizing how we read customer experience

    A heatmap is a way of visualizing data using color coding to represent different values in a two-dimensional image. As to be expected there are many different types of heatmaps that are …

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  • Time on page vs visitor engagement time

    Traditionally, “Time on Page” has been the most common metric used to measure engagement with the content of a page. But Time on Page tells you one thing and one thing …

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