Jonny Steel

  • Clicktale and MailChimp partner with post-click analytics

    We are delighted to be launching our partnership with MailChimp, an amazingly easy-to-use email marketing service with over 900,000 users. Before you send any email from MailChimp you can simply …

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  • Clicktale partners with Unbounce for better, faster, IT-free landing pages

    How important are landing pages? Simple answer: very. That wouldn’t make an interesting blog post, so now for the longer answer. Landing pages are critical for any promotion but especially …

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  • Optimize your surveys with Clicktale’s new SurveyGizmo integration

    We’ve all been in this particular situation before, where you’re on one of your favorite websites and asked to complete a survey. On the one hand you want to share …

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