Dr. Tal Schwartz

  • A Maslow's hierarchy for the digital world?

    This blog post came out of a discussion between myself and Liraz Margalit, Customer Experience Psychologist for Clicktale, who originally suggested the concept of the ‘Digital Hierarchy of Needs’. Maslow …

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  • May marketing madness kickoff!

    May Marketing Madness Post #1 It is my pleasure to introduce our May Marketing Madness blog series, a month long tribute and daily guide to the world of online marketing. …

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  • Clicktale heatmaps

    Today, we are officially announcing the release of the Clicktale Heatmaps, a brand new way to visually understand your website visitors' browsing behavior.

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  • Clicktale's crazy web analytics contest

    Update: The Contest is now officially Closed (February 1, 2007). We received over 100 entries and we plan to review them carefully over the next few days. We will inform the winners later this …

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  • Clicktale one of fastest 20 growing companies in EMEA

    There is no better time than the present to celebrate Clicktale’s accomplishments! As CEO of Clicktale, I am proud to announce that we were recognized as one of the 20 …

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