Scroll Reach Heatmaps

Get to know your fold like never before! Find out exactly where on your webpage the page fold lies, how far down your visitors scroll, and where your visitors abandon the page.

Discover which pages need to be shorter, and which ones can be made longer. Adjust your pages' lengths based on your visitors' actual scrolling habits. This is absolutely vital for long eCommerce pages such as sales pitches or product pages. 

  • Maximize your content's effectiveness by rearranging your page layout. For example, you may discover that important content near the bottom of the page is getting a great deal of attention, but it is being viewed by only a small fraction of the visitors to the page. You can increase the number of visitors that see this content by moving it further up the page, increasing its effectiveness.
  • Increase your ad-based revenue by optimizing your advertising location and increase its impact. By analyzing your visitors' scrolling habits and changing ad placement accordingly, website owners can both maximize their revenues and design a cleaner, more usable webpage layout.
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