ClickTale Core™

ClickTale Core tracks and reveals digital customer experience,
helping you optimize your desktop website,
improve conversion and grow your business.

Session Playback

Easily accessible recordings of browser
sessions that show how individuals move,
click, scroll and what captures their attention
most within your web pages.

Data-Rich Heatmaps

Mouse Move Heatmaps
Click Heatmaps
Attention Heatmaps
Scroll Reach Heatmaps
Link Analytics
Side By Side Comparison
Data-Rich Heatmaps
Mouse Move Heatmaps

Find out exactly what visitors are looking at
and what they focus on within your webpages.

Data-Rich Heatmaps
Click Heatmaps

See exactly where your visitors click on the page,
whether it's links, images, text or dead space.

Data-Rich Heatmaps
Attention Heatmaps

See how much attention a specific area gets.
Find out what content your visitors care about,
what they read, and what they skip.

Data-Rich Heatmaps
Scroll Reach Heatmaps

Find out exactly where the page fold lies,
how far your visitors scroll, and at what point
visitors abandon the page.

Data-Rich Heatmaps
Link Analytics

A graphical overlay providing
comprehensive statistical data on visitors' hovers,
clicks, hesitation time, and visit order.

Data-Rich Heatmaps
Side By Side Comparison

Compare two heatmaps to reveal 
why an A/B test succeeds or fails. 
Compare on-page experience for different segments.

Conversion Funnels
An instantly generated funnel of your visitors’
page-to-page journey. Reveal the most
profitable paths and where customers are leaving.
Easy drill down to Session Playbacks.
Form Analytics

Set of reports for optimizing forms.
Identify which fields cause users to hesitate and drop out,
which fields are left blank and which are re-filled most.

Site Efficiency Tools

JS Errors Report
Page Console
Bounce Report
Benefits & Capabilities

customer experience

Watch individual Session Playbacks to see how visitors really browse and interact with your site

conversion rates

Create more compelling and natural conversion paths by eliminating elements that confuse, distract or frustrate.

Valuable Customers

Answer the needs of valuable customers by understanding how specific audience segments interact with your website and providing digital experiences to suit.