Page Reports

Page Reports

Monitor unique page performance statistics that help you improve your online customer experience. ClickTale's comprehensive page reports give you all the statistical data you need on your website's best and worst pages. 

The captured data is automatically aggregated into easy-to-understand page reports, so you can see what's working, and what's not! 

These reports include:
  • Most and Least Engaging Pages Identifies which of your web pages are the most and least engaging. This report shows you where your visitors are actively spending their time – which pages are sticky and which are not.
  • Most and Least Clicked Pages See which of your pages get the most and least clicks by your visitors – confirm your design assumptions.
  • Most and Least Errored Pages See which pages generate the most and least JavaScript errors - errors which cannot be detected using server side monitoring. Only ClickTale's session recordings will pick up these errors. You can then easily find and fix the pages that cause your customers the most errors.
  • Least and Most Scrolled Pages Displays pages' scrolling distances. This report lets you compare scrolling distances vs. page heights to help you figure out your optimal page height.
  • Slowest and Fastest Loading Pages Monitors which pages take the longest to load and which load the fastest, based on visitors' actual experiences with your web pages.

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