Session Replays

Picture the person behind the screen.

Watch replays of your users’ browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they’re seeing and doing on your site. Desktop or mobile – everything is captured, enabling proactive, strategic optimizations based on actual user behavior patterns.

Session Replays

Visualize the customer experience and hone in on your users’ true intent.

Understand how users move through and interact with your content by viewing playbacks of mobile or desktop user sessions. Discover what captures their attention, how they move through your pages, and pinpoint any area of struggle. Filter session replays by user environment, demographics, traffic sources, navigation parameters, in-page behavior, and a host of other options. Watch one recording after the next of a particular page or individual visitors’ entire sessions.

Data-Rich Heatmaps


Event-Triggered Recorder

Capture every user session of your high-impact areas.

Sharpen your ability to address user needs with 100% recordings of specific target segments and events. Gain a 360-degree view for every Voice of Customer submission and fine tune A/B testing for your bottom of the funnel to hone in on insights to make the highest impact on your bottom line. With a holistic approach that includes the recordings, heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics and more, deepen your understanding of the segments and events that matter most.

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