Management Tools

Get answers. On your own.

Ask more questions and get faster and more reliable answers from your data to speed optimization cycles and grow your business.

Visual Editor

Create events with a few simple clicks, no coding necessary.

Build your own flows, segments or filters in an intuitive, code-free environment, without involving IT or waiting for a turn in the queue. Address specific business challenges, map the customer experiences that matter most, and ask unlimited questions of your data. Uncover answers to key questions quickly, enabling you to keep pace with the demands of your dynamic, always-optimizing web presence.

Data-Rich Heatmaps



Monitor and manage every aspect of your customer experience platform. 

Get one-click access to every key metric about your website. Access high-fidelity data rich heatmaps, site health, session replays, conversion analytics, and real-time traffic monitoring from one, easy-to-use dashboard. Drill-down for more detailed analytics or use the dashboard as a quick way to check the status of how users are interacting with your website.

Site Efficiency Tools

Additional Features

Unparalleled Accuracy.
Genuine Impact.

Picture the person
behind the screen.

Qualitative answers.
Proactive optimization.

Your optimization

Answer the ‘why’
behind the data.

professional services.