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Visualize Behavior
Optimize Experience
Grow Business
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Build a Better Online Customer Experience
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Insights Inside
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Reveal true website customer experience
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Watch video playbacks of how users experience your website on mobile, tablet and desktop. Eliminate hidden sources of customer struggle. Turn more visitors into satisfied customers.
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You're in Good Company
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More than 100,000 businesses use ClickTale to create revenue winning customer experience
Web Analytics
Web Analytics
Clicktale adds a powerful qualitative insight to existing web analytics segments and reports
A/B & Multivariate testing
A/B & Multivariate testing
Take the guesswork out of A/B testing. Move to optimal deployment in minimum time
Voice of Customer
Voice of Customer
Pinpoint exactly what triggers customer feedback. Easily identify and fix problems
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Maximize impact of email campaigns. Understand how customers interact with features, design and content
Tag Management
Tag Management
Effortlessly deploy the Clicktale tag in all major tag managers
Digital Customer Experience
Digital Customer Experience
Align web and mobile to meet the true needs and behavior of customers
Session Replays
View on-demand session replays for individual customers. See how they interact with your site
Heatmap Analytics
Reveal how customers and target segments view, scroll, move and click differently
Conversion Funnels
Get a true picture of your conversion paths. Understand what makes successful transactions
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Watch Your Conversion Jump!
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Your marketing budget
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Companies are spending too much money on acquiring customers. Successful conversion means maximizing the value from every customer visit and ensuring they always come back for more.
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Dr. Tal Schwartz, Founder and CEO, ClickTale
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Watch 2.5 min intro video
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
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Enrich Your Marketing Ecosystem
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Digital Customer Experience
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Based on Adobe Survey, Digital Marketing Optimization, April 2013
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Contact us
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We're here for you! our product specialists will gladly provide you with answers to all your questions!
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Request a demo
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Book a one-to-one meeting with our representative to see how easy it is to start using ClickTale
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At Windstream we have started to find new benefit from incremental revenue perspective and from the user experience.
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Mouse and click tracking heat maps can provide enough insight to save you a lot of wasted advertising dollars
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