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Mobile Marketing Trends 2016: 50 Experts On The Future of Apps, Ads & Search

Terms like “the Year of Mobile” and “mobile-first” have become easy jokes for speakers at digital marketing conferences – and for good reason. 2015 was the year mobile searches forever surpassed desktop queries, but what's in store for 2016?

Are we more likely to follow through with resolutions we post on social media?

Though the focus of most New Year’s resolutions is on identifying personal goals, the tradition has a communal feel. After all, everybody’s doing it. And if you’ve checked your Facebook or Twitter feeds in the last month, you’re bound to be privy to the 2016 goals—some tongue-in-cheek, some deadly earnest—of your great-aunt Sally, all those high school friends you haven’t seen in almost a decade, and the randos.

The Top UX Predictions for 2016

t’s that time of year again, where we present our annual UX predictions for the coming year. Will there be an increased focus on mobile? Will experiences be more tailored to the individual user? Will the UX we’re familiar with change so dramatically that we’ll have to call it something else altogether?

4 Digital Experience Trends Shaping the Future of Marketing

To understand the future of digital experience, we must stay abreast of emerging patterns and learn to let go of aging paradigms that no longer make sense in today’s (and tomorrow’s) virtual ecosystem

Emotional Sales: Lessons From The Mall

Online stores have many benefits over their offline counterparts: they are open 24/7, there is never a parking issue, and their overhead is significantly less than brick-and-mortar stores. But physical stores have had one major advantage over online: the emotional sale.

5 Psychology Tactics That Will Help Retailers Win Customers' Hearts and Minds

This year, things are different. Consumers are more hesitant to pull the trigger in an uncertain economic environment, and marketers are less confident of victory. In fact, the National Retail Federation expects holiday sales to increase by only 3.7 percent, which is down from last year’s 4.1 percent growth. Market research firm AlixPartners concurs, as does PricewaterhouseCoopers: this year’s holiday sales are expected to show the lowest growth since 2009.

Use the Force, Young Marketer: The Power of Forced User Registration

Forcing user registration does not make you the Evil Emperor, but you do need to smooth the path to galactic domination. A long time ago in an Internet far, far away…the Force Wars raged. The Guest Registration rebels faced off on major retail sites against the Forced User Signup empire.

Slowest Holiday Shopping Season In Years: What Are Retailers To Do?

For online retailers this holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year seems to have been struck by the Grinch. The 2015 holiday shopping season is predicted to be the slowest since 2009, and in order to compensate for an economic forecast so frightful, many retailers are doing something not at all delightful: announcing that they will not be offering the deep discounts so many online shoppers expect in the run up to Christmas and New Year’s.

ClickTale Builds In-House Consulting Team To Strengthen Consumer Behavior Analysis

ClickTale has enhanced its end-to-end digital optimization solution with consumer behavior analysis provided by an in-house psychologist, Dr. Liraz Margalit, PhD. With the addition of Dr. Margalit, the ClickTale consulting team provides insights on consumer behavior, decision-making processes and game theory analysis, to better understand user intent

Using Psychology to Improve Website Conversions

If there is one important lesson learned from the many studies conducted in the Web usage, analytics and optimization fields, it is that to see results, online businesses need to "feel" their clients.

What Bill Gates and J.K. Rowling Have in Common

Failure is what you encounter on the road to a truly original idea. It’s what history has proven, time and again, is the first step to creativity. Bill Gates knows it. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton knew it. Van Gogh, Dickinson — even J.K. Rowling — knew that failure is essential to turn good ideas into truly fantastic ones.

Call-to-Action Buttons That Actually Get Users to Act

Whether you use webinars, ebook downloads, free trials, or a contact form (or…all of these!) to generate leads, all the work you put in will be in vain if users do not click your call-to-action (CTA) buttons. You could be offering a roundtable discussion with President Obama or a chance to win a date with Sofia Vergara, but if no one clicks your CTA, it will not make any difference.

Why We’re Addicted to our Smartphones but not our Tablets

Remember all of the wisecracks about executives and their BlackBerry addictions? Back then, constant contact was limited to the few and the mighty — relatively speaking, of course. But now, the last laugh might be on us. In record time, our smartphones have become indispensable, and as mobile technology has become integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives, our smartphones are shifting from device to dependency.

Broking break: How to improve your website

Ensuring a smooth user experience is absolutely crucial for insurers and brokers. So, here are some tips from Eliza Savov, of ClickTale, a provider of customer experience solutions for various Fortune 500 clients and insurance companies including RSA.

Past Behavior Does Not Determine Future Purchases

Ever wonder why after buying shoes online (or any other consumer goods), for the next few weeks or months, you can be sure to spot ads or promotions for those same shoes on nearly every website you visit? What’s more, you’ll see which shoes your Facebook friends bought, which shoes their friends bought and which shoes “others like you” bought.

Behind Every Click is a Clerk

The web analytics world is a math nerd’s heaven. Numbers rule in this kingdom. Nearly every parameter imaginable is measured, quantified, compared, and ultimately monetized.
There are people behind every single metric. And as any policeman, novelist or taxi driver can tell you – try as we may to reduce it to numbers, human behavior cannot be quantified. It needs to be understood in its own context.

Shop.Org Digital Summit Showcases Next Generation Of Retail Experiences

Some of the key buzzwords and trends that resonated during conversations and sessions throughout the event included: Customization, Personalization, Inventory Optimization,Cross-Border Commerce, Buy Buttons and Integrated Point of Sale.

Beyond Web-Analytics Data: How to Improve DCX Through Actionable Insights

Digital customer experience (DCX) professionals rely on web analytics data to optimize the user experience. The profile information of users, the keywords they searched and the landing pages they visited is valuable information that helps hone marketing methods to increase traffic to assets. It does little to help optimize conversions on assets, however.

Is Your New Website Layout Killing Your Engagement?

There’s a popular new trend in website layouts that may be having the opposite effect its adopters are hoping for.
You have probably run across a new breed of sites that are moving away from the old-fashioned vertical page layout  towards a neat and elegant, modern looking horizontal page layout.
But how effective is this horizontal layout?

Don't Underestimate Sex When It Comes to Designing Your Website

Successful product marketing is looking at products and services from the customer or user’s point of view. User-centered design optimizes products for how users need to use them, rather than forcing users to change their behavior to use a product.
An important variable that we can use to differentiate between users is gender. Research has provided evidence that there are inherited differences between the cognitive style of men and women -- in other words, the way men and women think, perceive and remember information.

Creating a cohesive customer experience

The behavior of customers is easy to measure: How long were they on a page? How frequently did they jump from page to page? But the behavior can be difficult to interpret. Were they on the page a long time because they were interested or because they could not find what they needed? 

15 Growth Hacking Tools to Boost Business Growth

The term “growth hacking” refers to the use of technology-based tools to push business growth to the next level. It covers many aspects – from traffic generation to lead acquisition, from customer communication to conversion optimization, from email marketing to user feedback. Traditional marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of marketing disciplines, while growth hacking is an approach designed for a single purpose – accelerate startup and small business growth.

Here are 15 growth hacking tools to help you implement game-changing strategies

Why You Actually Spend More Online When You Know Less About What You’re Buying

Apparently, that old adage “knowledge is power” doesn’t apply to your online shopping habits: According to Psychology Today, having too much information in an e-commerce context actually makes people less likely to shell out. Interestingly, both retailers and customers tend to think that more details, such as product reviews and lots of nitty-gritty particulars, propels customers to actually go through with purchases. That makes sense: We all want to feel like we’re making the most informed decisions possible when parting with hard-earned cash

CIOReview Selects ClickTale for Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers List

ClickTale, the pioneer of digital customer experience solutions, today announced that CIOReview selected ClickTale as one of the “20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers.”

How Lenovo used website analytics to fix its Yoga 3 laptop flop

The mystery of the Yoga 3’s disappointing online sales unfolded. To solve it, Lenovo turned to ClickTale, a nine-year-old company located just east of Tel Aviv. ClickTale describes itself as a provider of Digital Customer Experience Management (DCXM) technology and services.

Turn inevitable website errors into invaluable insights

Website errors. They happen. As web users, we encounter and are frustrated by them. As website owners, we understand that they annoy our customers, lower conversions, and negatively impact revenues. But as marketers, we tend to see website errors as a sort of force majeure -- something to be (hopefully) discovered, and then kicked down the line to be rectified. But here's the thing: Website errors are not beyond our reach. Today's advanced marketing toolbox enables us to discover them, evaluate their potential impact, and prioritize remediation.

Past News

What Would James Bond Do? Channel the Charisma of...
When it comes to online customer experience, even some of the world’s most successful companies are unwittingly sending consumers on wild goose chases. On screen, it’s great to watch Bond face hurdle after hurdle, skillfully maneuvering traps and dead ends without spilling a drop of his shaken martini. In the ecommerce world, however, customers want to get online, conduct their business, and get back to their lives. But as CEO of ClickTale, I see daily how digital customer experience can go terribly wrong
A Web Psychologist's Post-Mortem on the Drake-...
It’s web psychologist Dr. Liraz Margalit’s job to know why that particular bit of internet beef was so damn juicy. Margalit, a contributor to Psychology Today, is fascinated by the rubbernecking that takes place on social media and the way in which celebrity has remixed public discourse.
How social media can mess with your mind — and what...
Facebook has been the king of social media since it launched in 2004. It’s part of daily life for 71% of Internet users, with more than two-thirds engaging with the social network at least once a day, and 45% logging in several times. Nearly one billion daily active users spend an average of 40 minutes a day posting photos of their trips abroad, checking in to the gym, or “liking” their friends’ “selfies.” Seems harmless, right? Maybe not….
Tech Makers: Stop Treating Tablets Like Smartphones
Smartphones and tablets both get us online, store our photos and keep track of our calendars. But they are not the same. In fact, user behavior varies quite a bit between the two.
The Science Behind Our Obsession With Liking Things...
We’ve all done it: grazed through our Facebook newsfeeds and impulsively hit the like button. But beyond the fact that it’s so easy to use, what exactly is it that we find so irresistible about this tiny, seemingly innocuous function? And why are we so compelled to like people, updates and media online?
Failing Fast Isn't Just for Founders, Your...
There have been whispers in the press for a while now about Google X, a secretive underground Google laboratory where the search giant’s most compelling innovations have been dreamed up. But now a new secret is leaking out of that lair, and it has a lot to do with why Google is so good at big, bold ideas.
How the TMI Effect Cuts Your Sales, and 4 Ways to...
What’s the primary focus of most ecommerce sites? It’s almost certainly the product (or products) they sell. But, that shouldn’t be the only focus.
Why can’t we stop playing games on our phones?
What happens when an organic form of existence, after evolving for millions of years, meets the last word in planned and designed addictiveness? Darwin goes searching for the gas pedal in this evolutionary phenomenon of his.
Selling 'emotion': What online retailers...
In the past decade, brick-and-mortar retailers have been forced to reckon with the rise of e-commerce, finally combating showrooming in recent years with price-matching schemes. They've also learned to leverage their own advantages — especially the ability of shoppers to see and touch the merchandise — by eliminating channels and offering delivery and pickup services of many kinds.
The Environmental Cues that Affect our Online...
Users asses the perceived cognitive load of engaging with your product or service based on environmental cues they might not even be aware of—design accordingly.
Research: Our Web Browsing Habits Have Prehistoric...
Improving UX with pure science is a clear testament that you care not just about your customers, but your business too. This research sets an example for any organization struggling to gain visibility in the crowded online space.
Replace Intuition with Certainty: Data-Driven...
Adding DCX Management into the optimization cycle empowers A/B testing and replaces the guesswork with tangible data that reveals digital customer behavior. It sheds light on how visitors experience your website and interact with it.
5 Important Softwares to Improve Customer Experience
Companies do strategic planning and implement accordingly to improve the quality of their services which in turn shall increase customer acquisition rate. Here is the list of 5 important softwares which every organization should use:
Top 4 tips to improve customer experience
Shoppers can have more connection with their favorite brands now than at any time in history. They can go into stores, click through emails to targeted landing pages, check in with brands on social media and browse online stores while waiting at the doctor's office. But all that connection doesn't help if the online experience isn't good, according to ClickTale CEO Tal Schwartz.
Three Reasons Your Web Site Is Failing
Web site aesthetics are big business. The average enterprise redesigns its web site every two years, pouring millions of dollars into the endeavor. But while cutting-edge graphics and design might yield a site that looks amazing, all those bells and whistles aren’t going to translate into higher profits if the site isn’t smooth and functional underneath its expensive sheen.
ClickTale: How WalMart reconnected with customers
Retail giant WalMart recently had an issue with their customers: namely that shoppers weren't able to use a 'Finder Tool' set up for the holiday season to help them find gifts. They enlisted ClickTale to help with the problem.
How to Understand Your Customers (With Insights...
Marketers everywhere are trying to get a better grip on what their customers really want. Yet many are so overwhelmed by the deluge of user data that they simply don't know where to start. Sometimes it helps to ask the basic questions. We asked Tal Schwartz, CEO of ClickTale, about why customers are behaving online the way they do. “Looking at your data, it can be clear that you have a problem with conversion rates, for example, but much less clear why,” said Schwartz.
The psychology behind Web browsing
All day long, humans are trapped in an endless tussle for control of their surroundings, from the big things to minutiae. Since our days dwelling in caves, we crave control because it offers comfort. When things feel out of our control, our bodies immediately respond, with our deep subconscious flooding us with tension until we can remedy things.
Now making babies, millennials disrupt more business
Dr. Liraz Margalit, a psychologist at Clicktale, a firm that helps companies understand how customers are using their websites...said... "A factor such as 'convenience to purchase' or 'simplify my life' that didn't play a role in the past" becomes legitimate criteria. If a few years ago parents would only have looked at the end results (product functionality), now the purchasing process becomes central calculation."
How Mormons Use The Internet To Spread The Good Word
Paul Fischer, a Salesforce consultant posting on LinkedIn’s Pulse network, explains how the LDS Church used these Bible videos integrated with long form content to produce an Easter-themed webpage entitled “Because He Lives” that is an excellent example of inbound marketing. Fischer points out this is no amateur effort. “Upon inspecting the elements of the Easter website I noticed that the page is using Clicktale,” Fischer says. “Clicktale is a sophisticated software suite that tracks ‘mouse heatmaps.’...
Press Release: ClickTale to Expand North American...
ClickTale, the pioneer of Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Management technology today announced plans to significantly expand its North American operations by establishing its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area to meet surging customer and technology partner growth; this, in addition to its established East Coast offices.  In addition, the company appointed Tuval Chomut to the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer.  The West Coast expansion comes on the heels of a $35 million growth equity round, led by global investment firm...
Reach Your Customers Through The Subconscious
Consider a scene that happens a billion times a day, at a billion computers across the globe. A man is searching online for new running shoes, or a woman is clicking through e-commerce sites on the hunt for a birthday gift, a new dress or a book to read on her next vacation. Shoppers navigating the online marketplace think they are in control of their decisions. But the truth is, as they scroll and browse and perhaps buy, there are dozens of unconscious processes and cues directing their behavior. For ...
Press Release: ClickTale provides a Data Lifeline...
New Impact Recorder offers a precise, cost-effective option for enterprises to home in on their website’s trouble spots and react accordingly.  While enterprise websites receive millions of visitors per day, ClickTale has developed a cost-effective means to sift through mountains of data. The Impact Recorder offers an alternative to data overload: Record every visitor session, but only store and analyze the sessions that matter the most, distilling the data to the most valuable insights into your customers’ behavior.
Yahoo:ClickTale Raises $35 Million to Accelerate...
Funding from leading global investment firm to be used to accelerate further development and global rollout of ClickTale's leading Digital Customer Experience technology for enterprises. 
Press Release: ClickTale Raises $35M to Accelerate...
TEL AVIV, Israel, January 28, 2015 — ClickTale, a leader in enterprise Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Management, today announced a $35 Million investment led by leading global investment firm KKR, with participation from Amadeus Capital Partners, Viola Credit and other existing investors. ClickTale offers a full enterprise-grade SaaS solution that allows customers to actually see how visitors are interacting with their website. ClickTale’s visualization layer eliminates the guesswork in identifying points of friction and has proven...
ClickTale Raise $35M to Improve Customer Experience...
...While behavior on the Web is 'a black box' for most companies, such knowledge will become essential to attract customers.
Designing for Different Online Personality Types
Although each person is different and has an individual style, I have identified six recurring patterns of behavior that I identify as specific “online personality types.” In this piece, I’ll discuss the six pattern types, explain the psychological drivers of their behavior, and provide site optimization tips that online businesses can use to leverage each type’s unique desires.
Review: Heatmap & user recording software
Comparing all services, one stand out as being more professional and more mature: ClickTale. If you have got the money and are more than serious about your analytics needs, they seem like the obvious choice.
Will a Specific Color Change the Behavior of Your...
Color is shown to be a significant determinant for both website trust and satisfaction. Color has the potential to communicate meaning to the user and influence their perception through the priming effect, how the exposure to one stimulus influences the way we will respond to another stimulus. In that way the exposure to a certain color can influence the visitor’s reaction towards the site in a carryover effect, meaning that the emotional reaction towards a color can be translated into a positive or negative...
Improving website conversions through Psychology 101
If there is one important lesson learned from the many studies conducted in web usage, web analytics, and web optimization fields, it is that to see results, online businesses need to ‘feel’ their clients.  Every day, I get emails from online marketers interested in uncovering best practices for improving their online conversions. They hope our data holds magic formulas about button colors that convert, “killer” copywriting words, winning layouts, and things like that. And while we can tell a specific company that...
Triggering an intuitive response is the key to...
When developing e-commerce retail product websites, UX designers generally assume that the inclusion of customer reviews, technical specs and other information will generally increase the likelihood of a customer purchasing the product. However, research recently conducted by ClickTale into the online sales of a very popular retail gadget found the opposite to be true: the more details that visitors were provided, the less likely they were to purchase the gadget.
The Psychology Of Online Customization
Contributed by Dr. Liraz Margalit the Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale E-commerce firms are discovering the value of online product customization and the additional revenue potential that can be generated from it. Over the last few years, product customization has burgeoned in the online space, as consumers look to buy a plethora of differing mass customized goods from suits to handbags and shoes, from bicycles to personal computers. A survey of more than 1,000 online ...
The Last Thing You Want Your Customers to Do: Think
Contributed by Dr. Liraz Margalit the Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale Product information is considered to be a crucial factor in purchasing experience. According to the American Express Retail Monitor, 85 percent of retailers view the provision of product information as a key factor in attracting consumers. The prevalent assumptions regarding ecommerce product pages dictate that exposure to reviews, product details and technical specifications increase the likelihood of purchasing the product. However, analyses of...
Use Heatmaps To See How Visitors Are Interacting...
Analytics are effective in showing how many clicks your website gets and how they got there. While this information can be useful in tweaking your search engine marketing efforts, you still may be missing a very important piece of the puzzle. Once your marketing has done its work and sent potential customers your way, how do you know which sections of your site are successful? A guest could leave halfway through scrolling through your main page due to a small issue that could easily be tweaked. Heatmaps are a great way to gather insight...
Enhance Your Creativity Through Analytics
There are two primary kinds of analytics you can use to validate your creative ideas: 1 - Behavioral analytics like those delivered by Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst. These tools track the page-to-page behavior of visitors en masse. 2 - User interaction analytics like those delivered by Crazy Egg and ClickTale. These tools use heatmaps and session replays to uncover the way visitors interact with specific pages. With these tools, we can look for evidence that our creative ideas will make a difference.
iPerceptions and ClickTale Team Up to Combine...
iPerceptions and ClickTale Team Up to Combine Digital Customer Experience Insights With Voice of the Customer Feedback.  iPerceptions, Inc. a leader in Digital Customer Research solutions, and ClickTale(R), the enterprise leader in Digital Customer Experience, today announced the integration of their two solutions to provide in-depth digital customer experience context to Voice of the Customer feedback. Leveraging patent-protected technology, the iPerceptions-ClickTale solution automatically triggers a ClickTale Session Playback recording when...
Adobe Adds ClickTale Visualization Tools
Ever want to watch how prospects either discover or discard your products and services while traveling through your website? Users of Adobe Analytics will now be able to watch videos of anonymous visitors' browsing sessions thanks to an integration of ClickTale feature. ClickTale's tools allow marketers to identify and assemble high-value audiences. In combination with Adobe Analytics, ClickTale claims, they will now be able to analyze segments and use new insights to optimize conversion paths segment by segment.
Measuring the Digital Voice of the Customer...
To effectively solve customer issues, it's necessary to understand the visitor experience. Fortunately for digital professionals, technologies exist which make the challenge of doing this far simpler. Digital customer research solution iPerceptions and ClickTale, a provider of digital analytics (including heatmaps and visitor playback recordings) and customer experience solutions, have integrated their solutions to enable marketers to connect a visitor's online feedback with their actual in-page experience.
ClickTale Launches Customer-Experience Consulting (...
ClickTale, the leader in Digital Behavior Management™, today launched Customer-Experience Consulting (CXC) Services, a new offering that provides market leading advice and insights to help companies maximize the ROI of their online and mobile Internet properties. The ClickTale CXC team of seasoned experts works proactively with companies to develop goals, identify the most relevant metrics, explore visitor behavior, and recommend actionable steps that optimize website usability and conversion rates. “ClickTale’s CXC services have...
Using Data to understanding customer behavior
Using Data to understanding customer behavior is a big investment theme! ClickTale is leading the pack, providing more than 80,000 clients including T-mobile and others. Basically the company uses a patented technology that records mouse movements and key strokes.  An Interview with Dr. Tal Schwartz, ClickTale co-founder and CEO.   
ClickTale sees 50 percent annual sales growth
ClickTale, whose software enables website owners to see how people behave on their sites, expects to maintain an annual sales growth rate of over 50 percent in the next few years as companies seek to improve their customers' experience. "Sales have grown by thousands of percent over the last six years to tens of millions of dollars a year," co-founder and Chief Executive Tal Schwartz told Reuters. "The growth rate is over 50 percent year over year."
ClickTale Raises $17M For Its In-Page Analytics
ClickTale, a company that helps businesses understand what visitors are actually doing on their websites, just announced that it has raised $17 million in Series B funding.The company tries to go beyond the standard information revealed by most other analytics services, offering things like recordings of visitor sessions, heat maps that show where people moved their mouse and clicked, and a visualizer showing each step towards converting visitors into paying customers or registered users.

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NRF’s BIG Show 2016

Retail's BIG Show is NRF's flagship industry event held annually in New York City. The four day event offers unparalleled education, collegial networking, and an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions.

Jan 17-19, 2016


Adobe Digital Marketing Days

One day event dedicated to B2B and B2C Digital Marketing innovation. A place for Digital Marketing leaders to meet, share ideas and learn from one and other.

Feb 23, 2016

Frankfurt, Germany 

eTail West

eTail West is your one-stop shop for all things multi-channel and eCommerce; an event where inspiration meets innovation; socializing meets ROI. 

Feb 22-25, 2016

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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is the world’s biggest and most influential mobile event with a record-breaking 94,000+ attendees from 200 countries in 2015.

Feb 22-25, 2016

Barcelona, Spain 

eTail Germany

eTail Germany is Germany’s Leading Event for E-Commerce & Multi-Channel Retail Innovators.

March 8-10, 2016

Berlin, Germany

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The W Hotel Times Square,

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Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Upcoming Webinars

Unlocking the Customer Story from your Data Mountain
Coming soon - April 2015

Discover how advanced Digital Customer Experience technology is able to overcome the challenge of an increasingly complex customer data environment.

In this 30 minute webinar, Shai Tamari, Pre-Sales Manager from ClickTale shows how in-page customer experience technology, including advanced Heatmap and Session Playback software will connect the dots for your web analytics data, providing a clear picture of customer experience. With an accurate understanding of how customers interact and experience a website, organizations can set and achieve their online goals with greater reassurance; improving conversion rates and overall satisfaction.

Two webinars are scheduled for this week. 

Shai Tamari

Shai Tamari
Pre Sales Manager