Form Analytics

The only comprehensive analytics suite dedicated entirely to improving your online form's performance. Discover which fields take too long to fill, are most frequently left blank, and cause your visitors to leave.

Dramatically increase your online forms conversion rates. Optimize your forms to minimize your visitors' frustration and preempt any difficulties that they may have. This ensures that more visitors are able to complete your form with minimal frustration.

The Form Analytics Suite consists of 5 individual Reports:
  • Conversion Report The Conversion Report reveals your online forms step-by-step conversion funnel. This report shows how many visitors came to your form, interacted with the form, tried but failed to submit it, and how many successfully completed it. Discover if your conversion problems stem from poor page design or problematic form design.
  • Drop Report The Drop Report shows which fields were the last ones to be interacted with before the form was abandoned by visitors. Fields where visitors abandon the form are often confusing or intimidating to visitors and should be revised or removed.
  • Time Report The Time Report reveals how long visitors interact with each individual field and with the entire online form. Fields that require a lot of time to complete may be forcing visitors to think too much, increasing form completion times and reducing conversion rates.
  • Blank Field Report The Blank Field Report shows which fields were left blank when the form was submitted. Fields that are left blank are often considered by visitors to be unimportant, confusing, or asking for improper information. Removing fields with a high blank rate or clarifying confusing questions can increase your forms' conversion rate.
  • Refill Report The Refill Report shows how frequently visitors go back and refill a field after trying to submit the form. Fields with high refill rates may indicate client-side errors, JavaScript instructions, or may simply be confusing to your visitors. By watching the relevant visitor sessions, you can see exactly why visitors refill fields and find out how to reduce your refill rate and increase conversion rates?
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