Privacy Service

Privacy Policy for Information Collected by the Clicktale Ltd. ("Clicktale") Web Analytics Service

Last updated: October 6, 2016


The following privacy policy specifies Clicktale’s privacy practices in respect to the data and information it receives from website and/or mobile app (“App”) owners and/or operators (“Website/App Operators”) that use the Clicktale experience management services (the “Services”). The Services enable Website/App Operators to recreate a web or App session showing Visitors interactions on the website and/or App and to generate aggregated reports containing various analyses derived from such interactions.

In this Privacy Policy references to “Visitor(s)” shall mean visitors to the websites or Apps of Website/App Operators that use the Services. 


1. Information Received through Use of Services

When a Website/App Operator uses the Services on its website or App, Clicktale may receive certain information including the following:

  • Technical information of a Visitor’s computer or App such as browser type, system language, OS version, phone type, time zone, headers, screen resolution metrics, and IP address;
  • The pages within the specific website or App that a Visitor has visited and the URLs of the web pages that referred the Visitor to the Website/App Operator website or App;
  • How a Visitor has interacted with the website or App, including, any Visitor mouse or touch movements, scrolls, mouse clicks, screen taps or zoom information;
  • The time engaged on a certain web page or App page;
  • Any errors encountered by the Visitor on the web page or App;
  • Information provided by a Visitor on the website or App such as in any forms or fields and except any information the Website/App Operator chooses to block from being sent to Clicktale; and
  • The HTML of the webpage or screenshot of the App screen visited by a Visitor including any data or content contained within the HTML or the App screen


2. PII and Information Blocking Tools.

Clicktale provides Website/App Operators with the capability and tools to block certain types of information from being provided to Clicktale, including, any personally identifiable information (“PII”) inserted into or displayed on the website or App.   While the Website/App Operators are responsible for choosing what information they collect from their Visitors and for informing Visitors of their privacy practices, Clicktale prohibits Website/App Operators from collecting certain types of PII through the Service including: (i) financial information such as credit cards; (ii) any governmental ID’s such as driver license, social security number, tax identification numbers, passport numbers; (iii) any health or medical information; (iv) passwords; and (v) biometric information (e.g., fingerprints, retina scans, etc.).   Any such prohibited PII is required to be blocked from being transferred to Clicktale and/or displayed through the Services.  In any event, we strongly recommend that Visitors check with the Website/App Operators privacy policy to understand the privacy practices of such Website/App Operator.


3. How does Clicktale use the information it receives?

Clicktale uses the information in order to provide the Services to the Website/App Operator.  Clicktale may use certain anonymous information, in the aggregate, in order to perform certain analysis and statistical reports and for auditing, research and to operate and improve Clicktale technologies and services.


4. Is the information collected shared with third parties?

Clicktale does not share or disclose information collected on behalf of Website/App Operators except in certain exceptional cases as follows:

  • Clicktale may work with certain service providers that help Clicktale in operating its business (for example data hosting providers).  Such service providers are not permitted to access or use the information for any purpose other than to provide the specific requested service to Clicktale;
  • When complying with legal requirements, preventing fraud or imminent harm, and ensuring the security of the Clicktale network and services; or
  • Clicktale may share certain pieces of aggregated, anonymous, non-personal information, such as average page load time, or the number of pages processed by the Service per day.


5. Does Clicktale use cookies?

Yes, Clicktale utilizes certain first party cookies to operate the Services. Such cookies do not contain any personal information such as name, email or similar identifying information. The cookies may contain an anonymous identifier (such as a random number) to anonymously identify a certain Visitor to enable the Service to receive data relating to Visitor’s use of the Website/App Operators websites and/or Apps.  Furthermore, Clicktale may utilizes certain tags or other similar technologies implemented by the Website/App Operators to enable the collection of data (as described in Section 1 above) by the Services.

Clicktale does not create a unique profile to track Visitors across unrelated domains or Apps (e.g.  domains or Apps that do not belong to the same Website/App Operators group of companies).


6. What choices do visitors have in respect of the website/app operators use of the Services?

Clicktale requests that all Website/App Operators provide appropriate notice (for example through a privacy policy) to their Visitors of their use of services such as the Service and that such notice and their use of the Service comply with all applicable laws.  Clicktale provides all Website/App Operators with the ability to publish on their website or through the App an option for Visitors to exclude themselves from tracking by the Services. For more information on the Website/App Operator privacy practices please visit the Website/App Operators website and privacy policy.

Visitors of websites who wish to exclude themselves from being tracked by the Service may also opt out though the following link: note that the opt out uses a third party cookie such that if a Visitor erases their cookies they will need to click the Disable Clicktale option again in order to opt out from being tracked by the Service.


7. Policy modifications

Clicktale may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If and/or when Clicktale makes changes to this Privacy Policy, the updated version will be posted on this page. Clicktale encourages you to visit this page periodically.