Tuval Chomut

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Tuval is responsible for driving business growth through value-based performance and talent management. Applying his deep understanding of transforming innovation into customer success and revenue, Tuval is in charge of expanding Clicktale’s activities into new markets across the globe.

Tuval brings over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and start-up management, helping companies grow from small start-up stage to substantial global corporations, in extremely competitive environments. Tuval’s achievements include leading the development and management of award-wining financial solutions that support a significant share of all global equity trading; heading M&A technology due-diligence activities with leading financial institutions; developing one of the first algo-trading solutions for trading on all global stock-exchanges; and growing ITG from a ten-person start-up operation to a firm valued at $1 billion.

Tuval has a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a MSc in Computer Science, both from UCLA. He enjoys Japanese cooking, photography and painting, as well as following light-hearted topics such as brain research and eastern philosophy.

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