Retail boom: 4 million bored Brits shop on their smartphones during the World Cup

Research predicts online retailers can expect a jump in mobile sales thanks to ‘boredom buying’ during World Cup matches

LONDON, 3 July 2018 – Online retailers are expecting a ‘boom’ in mobile purchases with over 4 million Brits shopping on their smartphones while watching the 2018 World Cup. That’s according to new research from Experience Analytics company Clicktale, examining the influence of ‘boredom buying’ among UK shoppers.

Of 1000 people surveyed, nearly one in five (17%) said that they are having to watch the World Cup despite not actually being interested in football. According to Clicktale’s ‘Stress Shopping’ report, as many as third of these viewers will shop on their mobiles phones in an effort to relieve this boredom.

Commenting on the phenomenon of ‘boredom buying’, retail psychologist, Liraz Margalit said, “Shopping has always been an emotion-driven activity, with people regularly using it as a way to distract themselves from boredom. In the mobile age it’s easier than ever for consumers to browse and buy online in an effort to kill the odd 90 minutes.

“Obviously everyone felt the need to watch England play in the World Cup, but the reality is that a lot of those watching wouldn’t normally be interested in football. As such we’re seeing a huge number of people taking time out during the game to do a bit of subtle shopping on their smartphones. For online and mobile retailers this rise in what Clicktale calls ‘boredom buying’ represents a huge boom in potential sales. Based on our calculations, we predict at least 4 million people will be making a purchase on their smartphones during the games.”

For more information on emotion-driven retail, download Clicktale’s ‘Stress Shopping’ report.

Clicktale surveyed 1000 UK-based consumers during the 2018 World Cup using Google’s Consumer Surveys platform. This data was converted to a percentage of the population and combined with findings from Clicktale’s 2018 “Stress Shopping” research, conducted by Censuswide in March 2018.

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