Long lines and frozen checkout pages: Brits reveal their biggest ‘shopping stressors’

Research reveals the main causes of stress for UK consumers when shopping online and in store.

LONDON, 18 September 2018: Long queues in store and freezing checkout pages are the UK’s biggest contributors to shopping stress. That’s according to new research from experience analytics platform, Clicktale, which examined the ‘shopping stressors’ of over 1000 UK consumers, online and in-store.

Of those surveyed, 76% reported high levels of stress when a retail app freezes during checkout, this rose to 82% for those shopping via a web browser.

Discount codes failing at the checkout were the UK’s second biggest online shopping stressor, with 80% of consumers reporting high levels of stress when their online vouchers are declined. 1 in 10 shoppers also report high levels of stress every time they shop online. 

The UK’s top five ecommerce stressors:

  1. A webpage freezes during the checkout process
  2. A discount code doesn’t work at the checkout
  3. Pages and content on the website are slow to load
  4. A website is confusing and hard to navigate
  5. A retailers website isn’t loading, with no explanation

As well as looking at online shopping stressors, Clicktale’s research also examined the things that stress out consumers in-store. While having to wait in long lines topped the list, with 84% of shoppers reporting increased levels of stress, problems with voucher codes were a close second place (83%).

The UK’s top five in-store shopping stressors:

  1. Having to wait in long lines
  2. Coupons or vouchers being declined at the checkout
  3. Checkout faults and broken card machines
  4. Shop assistants visibly following shoppers around the store
  5. Shops being unexpected closed without explanation

Commenting on the research, Geoff Galat, CMO at Clicktale said, “Despite a growing focus on customer experience in retail, it’s a shame to see so many consumers are still finding shopping a stressful experience. It’s also surprising to see that – despite ecommerce being positioned as more convenient – online shopping is proving just as stressful as going in store.

“To overcome this, brands need to think much more carefully about their shopping experiences, and how those experiences can influence consumer moods and emotions. Even the most subtle elements of ecommerce, from the page layout to the speed of navigation can have a major impact on consumer stress levels and ultimately prove to be the difference between a good and a bad customer experience.”

To find out more about the relationship between stress and shopping in the age of digital experiences, download Clicktale’s Stress Shopping guide.


Clicktale surveyed 2091 consumers, with 991 from the US and 1057 from the UK, with data collected from a combination of online and phone surveys.

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