Get to Know Your Customers Day: Fifth of consumers don’t tell the truth on customer feedback surveys

New research highlights the need for brands to look beyond traditional surveys when looking for customer feedback.

San Francisco, CA - October 18, 2018: Just under a fifth (18%) of consumers admit to lying on surveys and customer feedback forms. That’s according to new research from experience analytics provider Clicktale, launched during this year’s National Get to Know Your Customers Day.

The research, which surveyed over 1000 US consumers, highlights the need for brands to look beyond traditional surveys in order to understand the moods and mindsets that inform their customers’ decisions. According to Clicktale’s data, when asked to complete a survey, consumers can rarely explain their shopping behaviors, with 16% describing themselves as ‘fundamentally irrational’ when they shop. 

Commenting on these findings, Geoff Galat, CMO at Clicktale said: “It’s no secret that as consumers we don’t always follow completely rational, repeatable patterns of behavior. Our shopping habits can be defined by everything from our specific moods, to the environments we buy in, right through to the devices we choose to shop with. 

Given this complex array of purchasing factors, expecting consumers to explain their behaviors and define their experiences through a single survey simply isn’t realistic. For brands to really get to know their customers, they must look deeper. By using big data and experience analytics (mouse movements, click paths, app taps or scrolls) brands can start to develop a genuine understanding of their customers and the factors that inform their decisions. As marketers we need to focus less on questioning our customers and more on listening to them.”

National Get to Know Your Customers Day is an annual day encouraging businesses to reach out to their patrons and develop a more informed relationship. To find out more about Clicktale’s research this National Get to Know Your Customers Day, download the Clicktale Stress Shopping report.


About Clicktale

Clicktale taps into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors so that businesses can deliver the best digital experiences to drive amazing business results. Complex behavioral patterns are synthesized based on millisecond-level actions such as hovers and scrolls, enabling businesses to interpret their customers’ digital body language and understand intent. The pioneer in Experience Analytics, Clicktale marries cognitive computing, machine learning and psychological research to automatically surface issues and answer questions that keep executives up at night. With unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale is driving the “Experience Era” at the world’s leading brands. Clicktale. Answer anything.

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