Clicktale highlights the power of digital experiences at Adobe Summit 2019

March 24, 2019, Las Vegas — At Adobe Summit this year, digital experience leader Clicktale will demonstrate how the company is working with Adobe to understand customer behavior and improve digital experiences.

Clicktale believes that 2019 will see significant growth in this space, with 74% of organizations in the US and UK now investing in digital experience to build long-term customer loyalty. Clicktale’s research with CX Network also shows that 67% will invest in an effort to develop a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviors.

Clicktale helps businesses improve digital experiences by understanding the story of their customers’ behavior. Using this unique insight, business can build more effective customer journeys, driving loyalty and improving conversion rates across their digital channels. Through a combination of human and machine intelligence, Clicktale analyzes complex interactions of customers across digital properties, transforming these interactions into powerful visual insights, which brands can use to drive better experiences and more revenue.

At the event, which runs from March 26–28, Clicktale will showcase how its sophisticated integration with Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Cloud Platform Launch can help enterprises to extend their understanding of customers’ behavior and digital interactions.

On March 26, Clicktale will be holding a speaker session at the summit entitled 'How analytics, testing and optimization is driving digital commerce at Dell'. This session, led by Vab Dwivedi, director of A/B testing and analytics at Dell Technologies, will explore how Dell is driving change through smarter, customer-centric decision making using Clicktale’s experience analytics platform.

During the session, Vab will uncover how Dell’s 50-person center of excellence is driving growth using data, analytics and experimentation to focus on delivering highly personalized digital experiences. He will cover how infusing digital behavioral insight through every stage of the testing and optimization cycle drives growth at Dell — and why linking customer behavior data to financial performance is key to getting buy in from around the business.

Commenting on the partnership with Clicktale, Vab said: “As a big company with a huge customer base, it can be very difficult to get into the detail of what drives our customer behavior. Clicktale has completely changed the way we understand our customers by giving us granular detail about their behavior, which we are now using to take our digital experience to the next level and drive growth.”

Commenting on the upcoming speaker session, Clicktale CMO Sara Richter said: “At this year’s Summit, we are committed to showcasing the power of experience analytics to understand customer behavior. Our platform naturally complements the Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling businesses to get closer to their customers through a better understanding of what drives digital behavior.

“As always, Adobe Summit is a great chance for us to demonstrate how our collaboration with Adobe is helping some of the world’s biggest brands to improve their digital customer journeys, while also showcasing the latest enhancements to Clicktale’s experience analytics platform.”

To find out more about Clicktale’s work with Adobe, visit Clicktale on March 26–28, 2019 at booth 323 at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.


About Clicktale

Clicktale tells the story of what digital customers see and do, so brands can help achieve their goals. The leader in experience analytics, Clicktale’s platform and customer experience expertise transform millisecond-level behaviors and gestures into meaningful visualizations and insights worth millions of dollars.

An enterprise-class platform, Clicktale’s robust architecture processes large, unpredictable workloads, and maintains stringent security and performance requirements. Clicktale offers deep integrations with over 50 vendors to extend the value of the marketing technology ecosystem. With a powerful combination of rich behavioral data and intuitive visualizations — enriched by layers of human intelligence — the world’s most prominent brands rely on Clicktale to drive superior experiences on every digital channel.

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