Clicktale Highlights Experience Analytics at Adobe Summit 2018

March 27, 2018, Las Vegas, NV – Clicktale will showcase how it’s furthering the experience analytics technology category with Adobe at this year’s Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, which runs from March 25-29. As a gold sponsor at the event and a Premier level partner in the Adobe Exchange partner program, Clicktale will showcase how its sophisticated integration with Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Cloud Platform Launch can help enterprises to extend their understanding of customers’ intentions, behaviors and ‘Digital Body Language’.

Clicktale analyzes complex behavioral patterns based on millisecond-level actions such as hovers, clicks and scrolls, so that businesses can deliver the best digital experiences to drive tangible business results. On March 27, Clicktale will be holding a speaker session at  Adobe Summit entitled Dating to Digital – How the right tools let you measure anything’. This session will explore how digital marketers can differentiate between what to measure and what to communicate, and how they can use these insights to improve digital experiences and maximize impact throughout an organization.

Clicktale will be joined in this session by customer speaker Luke Horgan, Director of Digital Channel Analytics from The United Services Automobile Association (USAA), who will share examples of how experience insights from Clicktale and Adobe can provide marketing professionals with the ability to empower real-time decisions, and improve engagement with customers. Ivana Estrada, Vice President at Morgan Stanley – a Clicktale customer – will also participate and offer her own experiences of working with Clicktale’s solution along with real-life examples of how brands can turn their own experience data into action.

Commenting on the upcoming speaker session, Geoff Galat, Chief Marketing Officer at Clicktale said, “At this year’s Summit, we are committed to showcasing the combined potential of Clicktale and Adobe. Our relationship with Adobe has helped to further integrate Clicktale within the marketing ecosystem, combining Adobe and Clicktale’s unique offerings. This in turn has helped us to deliver powerful products for the entire enterprise marketing space.

“Adobe Summit represents a great opportunity for us to bring our ongoing collaboration with Adobe to life, highlighting how some of the world’s biggest brands are using both Digital Body Language and experience analytics to improve their customer journeys online.”

“Clicktale’s unique experience insights extend Adobe’s impact on customers,” said Amit Ahuja, Vice President of Experience Cloud Partners and Ecosystem Innovation. “Clicktale continues to demonstrate why it’s a key Premier level partner for Adobe by delivering augmented value for our joint customers.”

At the Summit, Adobe is announcing enhancements to Adobe Cloud Platform, the Experience System of Record, to provide a complete, real-time view of consumers along their journeys. Clicktale will continue to collaborate with Adobe to ensure our joint customers deliver the best experiences possible to their customers by leveraging a true unified profile.

To find out more about Clicktale’s work with Adobe to further experience analytics, visit Clicktale on March 27 at Booth 451 at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. 

About Clicktale

Clicktale taps into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors so that businesses can deliver the best digital experiences to drive amazing business results. Complex behavioral patterns are synthesized based on millisecond-level actions such as hovers and scrolls, enabling businesses to interpret their customers’ digital body language and understand intent. The pioneer in Experience Analytics, Clicktale marries cognitive computing, machine learning and psychological research to automatically surface issues and answer questions that keep executives up at night. With unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale is driving the “Experience Era” at the world’s leading brands.
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Adobe Experience Cloud is a comprehensive set of cloud services designed to give enterprises everything needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud, Experience Cloud is built on the Adobe Cloud Platform and integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud. Leveraging Adobe Sensei’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Adobe Experience Cloud combines world-class solutions, a complete extensive platform, comprehensive data and content systems, and a robust partner ecosystem that offer an unmatched expertise in experience delivery.

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