Clicktale forms key part of Forrester Now Tech: Digital Intelligence Technologies, Q2 2019 report

San Francisco US, June 5 2019 — Leading experience analytics company Clicktale today announces it has played a key part in Forrester’s Now Tech: Digital Intelligence Technologies, Q2 2019 report.

This report, lead by James McCormick, principal analyst serving customer insights professionals, details Forrester’s overview of 42 digital intelligence technology providers, helping clients to understand the value of centralizing and understanding customer engagement data, and automating continuous improvement processes.

It advises clients to direct technology investments with a digital intelligence strategy, recommending an enterprise-wide practice where teams can leverage a common set of digital intelligence technologies around which they can coordinate a single view of customer engagement.

Moreover, the report highlights the importance of choosing vendors based on their integration capabilities, saying that no single product or vendor can provide all the digital intelligence needed to build a world-class tech stack. Instead, clients should look to prioritize vendor products that work well with third-party components.

Insights-driven businesses that apply data and analytics to decisions are growing at an average of more than 30% annually and are on track to earn $1.8 trillion by 2021, according to Forrester research.

Clicktale CMO Sara Richter said: “Given the exponential growth of the digital world, the need to understand customer behavior beyond traditional metrics is growing. Digital customer behavior used to be difficult to measure, but today, with a combination of the right technologies and the right analysts, brands can gain deep insights into their customers’ behaviors and understand what drives those behaviors.

“This kind of understanding is vital if organizations are looking to offer a digital experience that fosters customer loyalty and ensures increased revenues in future.”

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