A third of consumers think shop assistants are bad at reading body language

New research calls for brands to improve customer experiences by analyzing shoppers ‘digital body language’ 

San Francisco, CA – October 9, 2018: Nearly a third (31%) of consumers think that shop assistants are bad at reading their body language when shopping in-store. That’s according to new research from experience analytics firm Clicktale.

The research, which surveyed 1000 consumers, found that only 15% believe shop assistants are good at reading their body language and deciding whether to offer assistance.  Additional research from Clicktale found that 94% of consumers have been annoyed by shop assistants in the past, while 13% report very high stress levels when a shop assistant interjects with unhelpful recommendations.

This annoyance is not exclusive to offline shopping however, with one in ten consumers also reporting high levels of stress when shopping online. As in-store, unhelpful product recommendations also prove a key source of frustration for online shoppers. 

Commenting on the findings, Geoff Galat, CMO at Clicktale said: “Body language plays a vital role in the offline shopping process, with seasoned shop assistants knowing when, and when not, to approach a customer with advice and recommendations. Online however, a lot of this insight is lost, with poorly targeted recommendations leading to increasing levels of stress and consumer frustration.

“To overcome this, brands need to start thinking about how they can bring the level of detailed insight possible in-store, online. By analyzing clicks, scrolls, app taps and navigation paths, brands can start to understand their customers’ ‘digital body language’, tailoring content and experiences based not just on behavior, but on customer moods and mindsets.”

To find out more about the role of digital body language online, download Clicktale’s full report.



Clicktale surveyed 1000 consumers based in the US using the Google Surveys online survey platform.

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