48% of Brands Have Introduced a Dedicated Digital Experience Team, Study Finds

New research from Clicktale demonstrates the importance of a digital experience capability

San Francisco CA, April 09 2019 Nearly half of brands (48%) have introduced a dedicated digital experience team to help shape their customer experiences and journeys across digital channels, a new report from experience analytics leader Clicktale finds.

Until recently, marketing and digital departments have taken the lead in digital experience responsibility, with 31% of respondents claiming ownership lies with marketing and 27% saying it lies with their organization’s digital team.

Now, dedicated digital experience departments are more common than data science teams (44%) but still behind design/UX and digital analytics teams (54% and 52% respectively).

These are the findings from Clicktale’s Defining Digital Experience study, which explores the current state of digital experience with 200 marketing and CX professionals working in some of the world’s leading US and UK brands. The report examines how brands are building a strategy around digital experience, including who is ‘owning’ the function, and how they’re harnessing new technologies.

The report also describes how the ownership of digital experience is still a shared affair in many organizations. Nearly half (44%) of respondents claim that digital customer experience is merged with other departments. This is also the case for digital analytics and insight (40%), design and UX (32%) and data science (29%).

Clicktale CMO Sara Richter said: “Digital experience is now a key differentiator for businesses, almost ahead of the products they sell and the prices they charge. Many businesses today get few actual face-to-face interactions with customers. So, if brands want to foster loyalty and repeat revenue, it’s becoming ever more important to understand customers beyond just demographics and purchase history.

“Assigning a dedicated team may be a great first step to building this understanding, but without the right data and analytical ability, it’s difficult to create and shape an effective digital experience approach. Only by gathering true behavioral data and having technologies and analysts in place to draw insights from that data can brands begin to understand their customers on a more intimate level. That in turn will empower brands to build and optimize digital experiences that better serve customers and drive repeat revenue.”

For more information about how today’s brands are shaping their digital experience approach, download the full Defining Digital Experience report.




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The “Defining Digital Experience” report was produced by Clicktale and CX Network and incorporates data from over 200 UK- and US-based marketing and CX professionals from some of the world’s leading brands. The result is a unique insight into the objectives and strategy that have come to shape today’s digital experience approach, as well as the technologies and processes that will continue to define DX in the years to come.

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