Leading digital optimization expert discusses Clicktale

Dieter Davis, web analytics expert, tells how Clicktale humanizes the digital consumer journey.


Test like a hawk

Leverage customer experience data to make A/B Testing faster, more focused and more informative.

Case Study

RSA optimizes with Clicktale and Adobe

In this Clicktale + Adobe Analytics case study, RSA gets insight into drivers of onsite behavior.

Case Study

Brady Corp. reveals why one version resulted in lower conversion

Clicktale supercharges multivariate testing to get fast answers on increasing conversions.


Adobe Analytics-Clicktale; Better digital customer experience

Join David Humphreys, Senior Strategic Alliances Manager at Adobe Marketing Cloud and Joseph Fuer...


Clicktale and Adobe successful integration presented by YBS

YBS E-commerce Performance Analyst talks at the London, UK Adobe Summit about Clicktale and Adobe...


Brady Corp. tells the story of test results as explained by DCX

One of the most popular product categories on is Signs. With the goal of improving conv...


Enhance A/B testing with Optimizely & Clicktale

Join Jessica Braman, Customer Experience Consultant at Clicktale and Ryan Lillis Optimization Str...


Adobe Analytics-Clicktale integration; Windstream use case

Join Simon Harris, Business Development Manager at Clicktale and Jeffrey Franzetti, Senior Consul...


Highlights from the 2015 CX Summit

2015 CX Summit: Clicktale and partners working together on delivering the best customer experience.


Jim Sterne on how Clicktale helps make the web better

Jim Sterne discusses the valuable role Clicktale plays in the ongoing analytics process

Use Case

Event triggered recorder

Clicktale’s Event-Triggered Recorder is a game-changer in customer experience management, trackin...


Opinionlab Integration: Making feedback matter more

Determine the onsite behaviors and actions that trigger customer feedback and quickly uncover iss...

Case Study

Live chat + experience management: The dream team for website success

Get customer experience insights before, during and after live chats, right from your LivePerson...

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