Walmart Case Study: Optimizing the holiday shopping experience

Main Takeaways

  • 24% increase in sales as a result of better user interaction
  • Revealed friction points in the customer buying journey
  • Detected client-side errors that caused frustration

Walmart goals

To make the most out of the Holiday Season, Walmart launched Gift and Toy Finder tools (‘Finder tools’) to increase sales. Committed to providing exceptional customer experience, Walmart wanted to ensure that the online customer interaction with the seasonal webpage was optimized.

24% Sales increase

Visitors who interacted with the Finder tools purchased more. Using Clicktale’s segmentation capabilities, the Clicktale consultant found that user engagement with the Finder tools showed a 24% increase in sales compared to visitors who did not use them. This important insight dictated the next steps to optimize the customer buying journey.

Revealing customer buying journey friction points

20% of the visitors did not even see the Finder tools. Analyzing scroll-reach Heatmaps showed that visitors did not scroll down far enough on the page to enable them to interact with the Finder tools. Furthermore, visitors using the Finder tools encountered usability issues that hindered the shopping experience. After choosing the search criteria, visitors did not intuitively click on the call-to-action ‘Go’ button, getting confused by not receiving their search results. This insight was revealed from watching Clicktale session playbacks.

Detect client-side errors that caused frustration

Visitors faced another point of friction on their purchasing journey. When they clicked on the call-to-action ‘Go’ button, they encountered a JavaScript error that prevented them from receiving search results. As seen in the Clicktale session playback recording, customers were frustrated, clicking on the button a few times.


The customer behavior that has been revealed proved that the Finder tools promoted user interactions, increased sales and the effectiveness of the Holiday Season Campaign. Further optimizing the customer experience in the buying journey, removing technical and user experience friction points, will result in an even greater sales increase.

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