1-800 Contacts sees more clearly with Clicktale

1-800 Contacts is the largest retailer of contact lenses in the United States, with over 30 million orders filled for over eight million customers.

Learn how this online powerhouse leveraged Clicktale’s ROI-focused insights, together with its workflow integrations across the entire analytics ecosystem, to markedly enhance their customer experience. 1-800 Contacts used Clicktale to improve the order and purchase process - making it even more easy and convenient to purchase contacts, and enjoying:

  • 4.3% higher mobile conversions
  • 115% annual ROI after less than two months use
  • Mobile conversions growth within only two weeks of implementation

Download the 1-800 Contacts case study and discover how Clicktale helped this online retailer streamline ordering and purchasing, and directly impacted topline revenue and customer lifetime value.

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