Use Case

Enterprises Require Enterprise-Capable Solutions

Your website’s performance and the security of your customer data can make or break your business.

Case Study

Allianz Direct: Psychology insights lead to smarter digital sales strategy

Insurance giant leverages Clicktale psychology insights to correlate customer states of mind with...


Why we shouldn’t be talking about conversion

One of the hardest things is understanding the experiences of people on your site – especially th...

Case Study

B&Q sees millions in annual uplift with Clicktale

Customer behavior insights, visualizations, and the Customer Success team, changed the game for B&Q.

Case Study

Trainline gets on track for a truly superior customer experience

Trainline, the dominant player in the UK’s online rail market, relies on Clicktale to help genera...


Clicktale gives 1-800 Contacts clear insight for better customer service

The leading contact lens retailer depends on customer behavior analytics for insights that drive...


Webinar: Forrester’s Sucharita Mulpuru on the new commerce paradigm

Implications of the shifting retail landscape and strategies to help innovative e-businesses thrive.

Case Study

Windstream leverages Clicktale-Adobe duo to achieve double digit lift

Based on Clicktale online customer behavior insights, Windstream measurably increased conversions.

Case Study

Clicktale helps Hello bank! reach and reassure first-time bank customers

BNP Paribas Fortis's digital bank optimized the online banking experience and UX for Millennials.


Digital customer experience metrics: uncovering the behavior behind the numbers

Metrics are yardsticks of online success, but traditional solutions may not tell the full story.


Web psychology 101: practical insights for optimizing digital marketing

Psychological insights and customer behavioral analytics help you optimize your website.


Online personas: optimizing the e-commerce experience

Without face-to-face interactions, it's hard to "know" customers and adjust to meet their needs.

Case Study

Lenovo: behavioral differences between purchasers & non-purchasers

Customer behavioral analytics for the homepage and product pages shed light on conversion.


The rise of online product customization

Customizing online products has potential to generate significant incremental revenue.


Webinar: The psychology of increasing conversions on your site

Create customer experience frameworks that work based on psychological theories of online behavior.


Different people, different clicks.

Learn how to harness buyer personality insights to help grow your online business.


Women connect. Men choose.

Put gender-based differences in cognitive styles to work on your website.


Seekers & browsers

Increase conversions with diverse purchase paths for different visitor mindsets.


Rational actors, emotional reactors

Identify emotional processes so your site can respond to them most effectively.


Converting moments of emotional impact into customer loyalty

Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Guru, discusses how designing for emotional impact is crucial t...

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