Michal Milgalter

  • Clicktale insight series

    Clicktale insight series

    Transforming deep analytic insights into 90-second animation videos that present industry best practices and actionable recommendations.

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  • Improving the customer experience at TELUS

    Improving the customer experience at TELUS

    TELUS Director of Online Customer Experience reveals how they leveraged Clicktale to reveal insights behind each customer journey, and raised conversions by 5%.

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  • Reinventing the silent era

    Reinventing the silent era

    Creating a silent-friendly video clip. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain't heard nothin' yet!" These words from Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer in 1927 are credited as the first words ever spoken in a feature film, bringing the era of the silent movie to a close.

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