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A visualizer showing each step towards converting visitors into paying customers or registered users"

Anthony Ha

Unlike traditional Web-analysis software, ClickTale enables to understand what actions visitors are taking between the clicks"

Scott Denne, Dowjones

ClickTale gives you extremely detailed insights into exactly what visitors are doing on your site."

Pete Cashmore, Mashable

Imagine having a 360-degree view of a customer's digital experience - everything from understanding what a user is doing on a website to, possibly, even why he or she is doing it. ClickTale integration with Adobe Analytics, just might provide that covered 360 view and, even more importantly, ways to monetize it. "

Amberly Dressler, Website Magazine

Using ClickTale’s analytics pays off — really."

Anthony Ha,

The best web analytics solution on the market today!"

Jeff Parks,
i.a. consultants